Has anyone else had the displeasure of debating with close minded people?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Oamlfor, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hopefully we can use this thread to help eachother explain our views to people so they understand it more clearly. I mean lets face it... not everyone smokes weed and sits in their room for countless of hours doing nothing but pondering on subjects. Its shit like this that made me start questioning my reality.

    We just need to find a way for people to comprehend the world they live in.

  2. Yeah i would love to be able to open peoples mind and get them to think for them selves

    but, what do you do when an average 25 year old has been spoon fed the same mainstream media bullshit his whole life (talking about my brother). My parents are in the military and thats where he gets his bias on military and foreign spending.

    i would say that at least half of america are drones that silently do their work and elect different leaders that do the same thing, and unless somebody does something about the lies and bias of shit like Fox News then nothing is gonna change.

    The owners of this country don't want any change, they don't want a man like Ron Paul who speaks the truth and talks about the constitution, which to most politicians is just a piece of paper. All the owners want is for them to get richer and for the middle class to get poorer because they don't care about you or me.

  3. Hey OP, I see you have been a GC member since 2009, and you ask this question on here? lolololol...Sorry don't mean to sound like a dick, but I have seen more closed minded rants on here than lots of other places...

  4. This.

    When I first started on this board I was a democrat and a liberal. The present me would call my old self a socialist, though I may not have admitted that at the time. A combination of education through these boards and a close friend brought me out of that.

    I'm not an anarcho capitalist by choice. I'm an anarcho capitalist because it is the only logical and sound argument.

  5. like this [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9mbotpeuJM]Ventura talks 9/11, makes Fox idiot leave stage - YouTube[/ame]
  6. ^^Ventura is the man

  7. Well I used to frequent GC a lot but i never went to the politics forum, and i haven't really been on this account in like 2 years.

    If theres other places for stuff like this i simply didn't know and as far as the close minded rants, even if i was active on here i probably would not read them.

    I just sadly, do not have alot of people i can talk politics with, most people i know kinda fit the stoner stereotype that society has. So i thought why not bring it onto GC where i can can feedback from other people like me, who love the herb but don't act stupid all the time and actually care about our country
  9. A lot of people I know are fed up and depressed with how this system is set up. So depressed, they won't even take the time to keep up with current events or learn the ends and outs of how our system works.


    friend: man, obama sucks!
    me: so, who are you voting for?
    friend: nobody man, democrats and republicans suck!
    me: why not try for a third-party candidate?
    friend: pffft, you know them fools won't get elected!
    me: :rolleyes:
  10. [quote name='"Kamehameha"']^^Ventura is the man[/quote]

    Hell ya if u guys havent watched his shows u shud get on it

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