Has anyone else had the displeasure of debating with close minded people?

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  1. I don't know why this gets me more than anything but I absolutely hate when I'm trying to debate with people that are so close minded that they wont even listen to what you have to say simply because your opinion differs from theirs.

    Just a couple hours ago i brought up my views on economy, foreign policy...etc, with my brother. Right when i was in the middle of saying that I believe in the Ron Paul view of ending unnecessary "wars" (I put quotes because it's not a true war without a declaration of war) and as im saying this he cuts me off and tells me that he hates Americans that say stuff like that and goes on to call me belligerent which im not even sure if he knows what that means cause that means someone who is eager to act in a hostile manner which is the opposite of the point i was trying to make im going in the direction of peace. Anyway so i try to explain my view further and the fucker just walked away, that pissed me off something fierce

    I don't think i'm wrong here, I was simply trying to tell him that this country is already economically fucked and we could really use money that were spending maintaining bases overseas. I mean shit i read somewhere that the US military owns more land per square foot in foreign countries than it does on its own soil...something just does not seem right there

    So please post your stories of people who you find just insufferable when it comes to debating...and please since this is a thread about hating close mindedness, do try to keep an open mind I know people disagree on stuff but that doesn't mean you have to be rude

    Thanks guys
  2. There's this funny thing going on where someone can call you unAmerican for disagreeing with them, yet they are more American for disagreeing with you. This can go both ways, some people need to realize we can disagree AND talk about these issues.

    Don't lose your mind over it too much.
  3. My gfs sister knows nothing about weed and was trying to talk shit about it one time at dinner. She kept trying to bring up the monkey experiment where the monkeys lost brain cells and died.
    Well no kidding, anything would die if you took away all oxygen and replaced it with smoke for 5 mins straight multiple times over and over. That's suffocating.
    She just rolled her eyes and dropped it.
  4. LOL i love when people use that argument

    Just another example of people believing everything the media tells them instead of thinking and researching for themselves
  5. You might be your own worst enemy ;)
  6. This happened to me trying to explain marijuana and it's effects to a chick. She got pissed off cuz I was right and started making nonsense arguments just to piss me off... It worked :mad:

  7. I guess i dont really have to state whether or not i think im wrong it should be implied that i back what i dish out.

    But what do you mean by own worst enemy?
    not hating just curious
  8. I have a friend that works in finance and he always laughs at my beliefs, and whenever the price of metals drop he texts me something gay like, "Told you it was a bubble"... It's ok cause he has an English degree and basically learned everything from his employer, who would obviously prefer that their drone workers believe in the system so that they can sell it to more people.

    One of my good friends who also used to laugh at me when I would talk about currency and inflation all of a sudden agrees with me, so some eventually come around. :smoking:
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    Try to entertain the notion that you might be wrong. If you demonstrate a capacity to critically analyze your own claims with a similar standard to which you critically analyze the claims of your detractor, then you make it extremely difficult for the person to disarm your argument or undermine a premise.

    It might, at first glance, appear to be counterproductive to admit to doubt or to acknowledge valid issues arising from operationalization of ideology. It's very much counter-intuitive, but it will strengthen the quality of your premises and the quality of your comprehension greatly.

    Arguing with great zeal and passion can sometimes have the unintended consequence of further entrenching and polarizing your detractor.
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    What I find most disturbing in our society is the peoples unwillingness to admit they are wrong, and then to on the spot say okay, I believe that (over the crock of shit I was telling you before)...very very few times have I ever had someone actually start reforming their own opinion in front of me...always has to take time to break someones mental barrier

    I, on the other hand, feel that if I'm being told the truth then I will want to investigate that on the spot, start asking questions, be curious.

    sometimes it's too much; "OUR KUNTRY WAS FOUNDED ON WAR-MONGERS, BUDDY" - yes, I got this one time. This is from an "Army man" ..."I know my stuff, because I'm an army man"

    Fucking christ.
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    Ok i can see where you going with this now, and just so i can be clear when i had said that, I meant that i didn't think i was wrong in being pissed that someone would walk away from an argument like that, although looking back now i can see how it would appear as something else.

    I do consider my self to be very self-critical I am open to all ideologies and if someone can provide a logical argument that is counter to what i believe that i will of course begin to question what i think is right and wrong.

    Thank you for pointing that out!
  12. I look at it like a challenge. To see the look on their face when you have completely shit on school of thought, and turn their world on its head is priceless.
  13. My dad and older sister.
    One is a neocon the other is apathetic, knows NOTHING of government, and is kinda retarded.

    My mom is a Paul supporter and so am I, I'm a mommas boy.
  14. I have never heard of that monkey marijuana experiment, sounds awful. Oh, and fuck your sisters friend
  15. Yes! I met this guy at my college who seemed chill but then that dude changed once I started chillin with him. He got super religious and connected everything that you could possibly think of to either the devil or god. He even said everytime I use the word "it", I am somehow referring to the devil...

    For a minute I thought he was schizophrenic or something, but he seems logical enough. Anyway, I tried to show him that yeah in a way god is in everything but that doesn't mean you have to prove it 24/7. I kept trying to tell him "A man I get thats your belief but I am NOT on the same page as you and should respect that." But he still presses his beliefs on me

    Don't get me wrong I really tried to hear him out..i even got into the bible and stuff. But as I got into what he said, I told him what I think he dismissed my points of few on spirituality completely.

    That dude is a liar too! Talking about I.ve shot up heroin for years I looked at his arms no trackmarks? *rolleyes*
  16. I can't see how this wouldn't annoy anyone. Closed mindedness is one of the banes of our society and stifles intelligent debate at every level.

    One of the ones I love is the "marijuana has been PROVEN to cause mental problems blah blah schizophrenia blah blah".

    Telling them to go find a peer reviewed, double blind study into a causal link between the psychopharmacological active ingredients in marijuana and any form of mental illness in fully grown adults usually shuts them up... HINT: There are none.
    The long words do it if nothing else. A tactic I tend to use when I know I know more about a subject than someone, won't change their mind and simply can't be bothered to waste my time attempting to educate them.

    It amazes me that closed-mindedness seems even more prevalent in America than Europe, since your country is founded on it's belief in individual rights and freedom of speech and so on.
  17. I absolutely hate that shit. Especially the motherfuckers that only believe what they see in the news, like think outside the fucking box already.

    Every time i debate with those kind of people, their rebuttals either end up trying to be insulting in an angry way, or anything they can pull out their ass that remotely makes sense with no comprehensions of the issue, or pulling away from the topic.

    Some people you just cant have a legitimate debate with.
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    It all depends on the ego. People will go through extreme measures before admitting they're wrong. They usually never do too. Its like they see it as an intellectual attack. Lets face it... no one enjoys the feeling of being dumb or becoming aware of it.

    Like Ron Paul says, He's a unperfect messenger to a perfect message. Apparently most of us here are as well. Joe Rogan actually does a pretty good job at explaining shit for dumb people to joyfully absorb. He usually does it in a way where he makes himself look stupid as well. Its less "threatening".

    There is a way though.
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  19. People's egos can get definitely get in the way. As for me, I love being proven wrong. How the hell would I get smarter if I was always right?

    Learning is a never-ending process. It's quite easy to distinguish in a high-minded/level discussion those who have stopped learning new things from those who are constantly challenging their own ideas.

  20. I couldn't have said it better

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