Has anyone else experianced this at a head shop?

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  1. so, today, my downstem broke. this is the 3rd downstem for this bong, which we bought at the same place as all the downstems (we boguht the bong about 2-3 months ago).

    so i go to the same place, guy i havent met before is working. i explain what happened, he says hell give me a deal since its the 4th one. i tell him i want GonG, not a diffy (the last one was a diffy, we were sick of it). he doesnt have it, only diffusers. im undecided, he suggests looking elsewhere. there is only one other head shop out here that has GonG downstems this big, and its on the other side of town. so i get it.

    my b/f says, just go see if the other place has it, and to get it if they do, then return the other one. they do have it, at a better price, so i get it. i go to return the diffy at the other shop, not more than 3 hours after i buy it. the guy points to his "no return" sign and says cant help you.

    now i completely understand why head shops have that sign, and why they dont do returns, generally. but seriously? i just bought it 3 hours ago, and i cant return it? i have been to many head shops that say "if it doesnt fit bring it back" in regards to buying downstems for bongs. in fact, the other shop i bought the downstem from said that exact thing.

    so my b/f hears this and says that cant be, i have returned a bopng to that head shop before and they were cool with it, so bhe calls them. he barely asks what the managers name is before the guy calls him an asshole and hangs up on him. the guy then wouldnt answer the business line for about 15 minutes, either let it ring, or turned on his fax. ALL we wanted to know was the managers name and when hed be in. when he finally answered, i asked those 2 questions right away, told him the manager would be aware of how he treated a customer, and the guy said thats fine i already told him and the manager doesnt care.

    has anyone else been treated like this? my b/c was not rude to him on the phone, i was not rude to him in person, and he was a complete prick. is this the norm of head shop employees? and has anyone else deen to a head shop that wouldnt return a downstem 3 hours aftre you bought it (also, there was no "sale", i got no recieght, he didnt add sales tax.)

  2. I stopped reading here, do you have gong piece? Or rubber grommet? because a "diffy" is usually gong and is better than a non-diffused downstem.

    the rest was tl;dr
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    its a gong peice, and we had a diffuser, but i didnt like it as much

    the short version, the shop wouldnt return a downstem i bought 3 hours earlier. when my b/f called, the guy hung up on him and called him an asshole.
  4. I think you're lucky if you get any sort of return/refund from a glass shop. Sucks if the shop guy was a prick but there's nothing you can really do other than make sure from the start you're getting the right size.
  5. This makes no sense seeing as GonG refers to a type of bong and a diffuser is...a diffuser.

    How could you not like a diffuser?

    Also, how are you breaking the downstems?
  6. it wasnt the wrong size. i told the guy i wanted a gong, he didnt have any, but i bought it anyway (the guy doesnt say anything about not returning it). then i got the one i wanted at a different shop. maybe others have had different experiances, but most shops i have been to have returned stuff like that, especially when its been a few hours since the purchase. and like i said before, most of the ones in my area say " you can bring it back if it doesnt fit", when you are buying downstems. im just saying, head shops should ease up on their no reutrn policy if this seriously is the case.
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    it depends on the shop really bc at school there is a shop that said to me if it doesnt fit come back but the other ones probably wouldnt take it either. my buddy bought a vape and i forget which part broke but it wasnt his fault at all (it was a defect) and the guy basically said yea you can come back in an get another if you want

    EDIT:not for free of course
  8. ok sorry for the confusing.

    i have a glass on glass bong. all i wanted was a regular glass on glass downstem. i dont like the diffuser b/c im weird and dont like smooth hits, i like to actually feel the bong rip.

    lets see first downstem: the day after we bought it, took it out for a water change, and the thing broke when taking it out. head shop gave us a free one.

    the free one was broken by a friend, not my friend, my b/f's friend

    and this last one is kind of a mystery. it literally just shattered.
  9. rofl
    do you break glass often?

    wow, you got a free downstem after breaking the first one!?
    i have not had an experience with a head shop like this
  10. actually i dont. the peice i had before this one i had for 5 years, with original bowl and downstem.

    the only reason we got it for free was b.c the guy who sold it to us was working when we went in (it was literally the next morning). im hoping hes the manager that i get to go speak with tmrw.
  11. wtf.......... what you're saying is you're mad that the guy @ the smoke shop sold you something of better quality then you wanted :rolleyes:
    Smoother hits mean bigger hits hit it longer and you will feel the rip.
  12. If you're really peeved about their treatment of customers, report them to the better business bureau. After that, there's not much you can do.

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