Has anyone done this, but with bong water?

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  1. Nope but I seen that on myth busters

    Ps. Why the fuck did he pour coke in a dog bowl
  2. dunno but sounds awesome, so the purpose of this is to make the water colder so that the smoke is colder?
  3. ya cold water smooth hits i also wanna try the warm water method.
  4. Did it once, actually. The outside of the bong started to frost over a little.
  5. Would the salt have any affect on the hit? Like with taste or anything?

  6. You wouldn't use the salt water, you'd put a bottle of water in the bowl I presume.
  7. I prefer warm water in my bongs actually. It makes the hit steamy and smooth, it's really much better than cold water and ice IMO.
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    then it would be no different than just putting a bottle of water in the refrigerator except this is quicker. the point is to get the water below freezing temp so its super duper cold right?

    and might that have some adverse effects to the glass because its so cold? or as long as you let it gradually come back to normal temp it will be fine
  9. no never tried it
  10. Sounds tempting, I might give it a shot. Would try it in an acrylic before glass though, don't want to shatter anything from temp changes.
  11. I've tried this a few times and I personally think the colder the water, the harsher your hits will be. That's why I only use room temp water in my bongs.
  12. I wouldn't want to do anything to make my bong too cold, because I would get paranoid that the heat of smoke and the lighter and I wouldn't want anything to crack. Plus cold water is not as good as hot water in my opinion, because the hits are a lot smoother with the hot water. It makes it so you your throat barely feels the smoke.
  13. If your glass is high quality then I highly doubt the temperature change would cause your glass to crack unless you like put it under hot water after taking your hit or something. It should be fine.

  14. What the fuck are you talkin about man

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