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Has anyone dealt with magic flights customer service?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Ganja, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Hello GC . Ike new here. I have a mflb , so on Wednesday night I decided I wanted to get the power adapter for my mflb. I ordered and everything but my order declined because the billing info didn't match my card info but it's all fixed now. The problem I have is that even though my order got declined, I still got charged 68 dollars for the adapter with I think was a mistake. I used a prepaid gift card so now I only have 3 dollars left on it with a pending transaction of 68 dollars wich will be released eventually but it still along time to wait :( I tries contacting magic flight ustomer service about this Wednesday afternoon but today is Friday and still no reply yet . How is magic flights customer service? Is it reliable? Thanks
  2. The fuck you talking to magic flight for? They just stole $70. Phone up your prepaid card's company (usually on the back of the card) and talk to their costumer service about how the site stole your money, they'll look into it and take the money back manually.
  3. If you ordered the PA on Blissville's site, then fear not, they have awesome customer service. I'm sure they will take care of you.
  4. I ordered from their official website. I called my bank they said if the pending transaction money is not dealt with. they will release the fund themselves in 7 business days buts that is a wait for me :( so im trying to see if magic flight can do anything to make it go faster
  5. The magic flight box customer service probably will not beable to help. They can't add the money back to your card, because it's a prepaid card. Possibly, you could try and get them to phone your pre-paid card company to confirm it was a wrongful transaction - but you likely won't talk to anyone high up enough to actually do it for you.
  6. If it's a prepaid card, and they cancel the transaction, the money should go right back on there.

    Wait it out, I'd say.
  7. Sam kinda thing happened to me with a prepaid once. You will get it back, theres not much to do but wait.
  8. looks like youll just have to be patient
  9. ok, i guess I have to wait the 7 days or so for my funds to be released, damn that sucks. FML my iphone screen fucking shattered, today is a baddd day ha

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