Has anyone been used by a girl for sex...?

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  1. So I met this girl near the end of school and I thought she really liked me... We started seeing each other for a little over a month and we fucked a couple of times then she just completely stopped talking to me for no reason. I found out she broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years about a month and a half before she started seeing me.

    has this happened to anyone before..
  2. yeah but I've never been confused by it
  3. Yeah, for the next couple weeks I intend on being used. Feels good, man :smoke:
  4. Are you also assuming they're inept of the instinctual desires and urges of men!? Arguably moreso I'd say.

    You sexist

    lol jk women these days make me want to regurgitate.
  5. wish i could find a chick to use me for sex right about now
  6. being used sucks.
  7. Confront her on it and confirm with her the error of her ways.


  8. being used for sex > being used for money > being used for stupid little shit

    Id rather get sex out of being used, than just be used like an ass rag
  9. eeeeeeeeek i think i know what she did...

    definitely confront her, you should probably ask her if she does that often...
    just so she feels bad lol >:0

  10. I can't right now, she doesn't live in the us and has an international number right now and no facebook...I'm just gonna talk to her when school starts again.

    what do you think she did lol? use me as a rebound?
  11. i dont think its a matter of "thinking" you were a rebound

    you most certainly were lol
  12. If not a rebound an excuse to piss the ex off. Sorry buddy.
  13. I carry a taser for the wild girls that hound me down in the streets.
  14. guess i should have taken the hint when she told me she hadn't had sex in a month at 4am and her having a picture of her and her boyfriend still in the room.
  15. I was used when I was like 15 or 16...

    Some girl I knew from school was chillin with her friend and MSGs me on MSN to go swimming with them. I wasn't really in the mood so I said no, then they called my house and persuaded me to go. I went with the 2 girls and some guy I never met before

    When we got there, her friend said "Hi im ... I've heard so much about you" eventually we get to talking and what-not. other guy is talking to the girl I know from school. Swimming ends and we go home and smoke. Then out of nowhere the girls are like "are u horny? Im so horny, I shouldnt hve smoked"

    I look at the guy I just met a few hours ago and gave him a little nod like yeah you know whats up. Then the girls straight up said we're taking you upstairs. I didn't object.

    She was my first. -_-
  16. se probably didnt like the sex.

  17. mehhh

  18. ohhhh hmmm the went mia then?!

    eeek well yeah she probably feels better about the breakup now that she had sex with someone new. idk if that makes any sense i cant really explain it. lol
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    No, but it's a fantasy of mine. For once in my life I'd like to be able to give a woman an orgasm without her feeling like she has to tell me she loves me, and start talking about how we should buy property together.
  20. yeah..

    happened to me w/ the last chick i "dated."

    it was awesome!

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