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Has anyone been turned down from a clinic when attempting to obtain MMJ card? (With no records?)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Lawlerskates, Oct 9, 2014.

  1. No stark discussion of fraud or anything like that. I'm just curious if anyone here has went into a medical marijuana clinic with or without medical records and has been turned down. I made an appointment for tomorrow after work at a local clinic where they don't need medical records, so I'm going to go there because I have no medical records documenting my pain. I hurt my back at work a year ago and took it easy for a few months, hoping it would fully heal. Unfortunately it didn't fully heal and there's still discomfort in my lower back, and quickly becomes more painful the more I exert myself. This makes sleep and work more difficult. I have no medical insurance so it's expensive for me to see a Dr. about my condition and getting traditional medical help, and I've had family members who were addicted to painkillers, so I'd like to first attempt other routes of dealing with my pain if possible before pursuing that route.
    I'm not sure if my condition fully qualifies, but I will attempt anyways. I know many people with medical marijuana cards and I've been told that they weren't strict when it came to giving it out, but on the surface every clinic I've seen appears very strict and it's possible they may rule my condition out and I'll be out of the non-refundable consultation.
    Has this happened to anyone before? Did you go somewhere else or did you give up on medical marijuana to address your problem?

  2. Which state if I may ask? 
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    I'm in Seattle, Washington. I'm only slightly concerned, but I feel somewhat confident that they may sign me up for one. I suppose it depends highly on who you see. I'll be sure to post in this thread the outcome of my appointment, but I'm extremely curious if anyone has wasted at least some of their time attempting to obtain one with a condition that they thought would qualify but did not.
  4. As long as the state says your condition qualifies you're qualified. You shouldn't have to take painkillers especially when addiction is possible when there's alternative medicine available to you like cannabis. All they can do is say no in which case you're still free to smoke it if you want, it's really just a piece of paper in my world I've never had to show mine in the 7 months I've had it. As far as anybody is concerned what you do on your property is your business. All I know is depression is something WA doesn't give MMJ recs for but chronic pain should be covered. I was not turned down in California for depression with no records, but of course I gave permission for my records to be obtained.

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  5. Seriously, most places it's as easy as this; walk in, talk to clerk, fill out papers, give paper work to clerk, wait to see doctor, see doctor, get asked questions like what's your pain, finish with questions, wait again, clerk hands you rec, you are done.
  6. it depends on the state and the doctor. in oregon we have very strict guidelines and documentation from a primary care physician(not the mmj doctor) must be presented to the state. In california the discretion is given to any licensed physician. idk about washington, but its recreationally legal now isnt it? i thought that included growing?
  7. Yes. I got turned down by green wellness in Tacoma.

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    That's interesting because that's specifically why I made this thread. I used the "Green Wellness" site and asked their live customer service about her opinion on my qualification. She said I don't qualify because I first need medical records (which I don't have, but that's only for their specific clinic), and she said that I would need proof that I've tried other methods of healing before resorting to cannabis. 
    The place I have my sights on right now doesn't require medical records and the appointment is so short that I can't imagine it being particularly scrupulous.
    Thanks, that's assuring. My confidence levels are at 100%. 
    </div>Growing is a lot of work. It's recreationally legal at a couple of dispensaries, they typically charge $20+ a gram for their lowest quality stuff and limit how much you can buy at once.
    On the other hand, it's $8-$12 for top-shelf stuff at medical dispensaries. Better service. More locations. Less limits. 
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    I heard the hope clinic in Seattle is really good.

    Let me know how it goes for you and where you went.
    The green wellness lady was totally rude to me. I would never recommend that place to anyone

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  10. That's funny because The Hope Clinic is precisely where I have my appointment set up for :p Also, there are "The Hope Clinics", which I was looking at, but they reviewed poorly so I'm going to the one that is just the "Clinic". Best prices I've seen at any clinic, best web site, most convenient appointment scheduling, etc. 
    Anyone who lives in Seattle or Tacoma should give it a consideration. I haven't been there yet but based on what I've seen I have a good feeling.
    My appointment is at 4:10 tomorrow, so I just may very well be walking out at 4:20 tomorrow a bona fide medical marijuana patient.
  11. That is too funny!!! The girly at Mary Janes house of glass told me about it. It looks like the best place around to me, too ;)

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    I was not turned down at The Hope Clinic. It's a quality clinic. Very nice and caring for one's health. Also, I'm fucking baked.  :bongin:
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    In California, you can tell the doctor that your eyes are too white and they need to be red. $60 and 60 minutes will get you legally stoned in the great state of cali.
  14. that's fuckin glorious

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         The first person I went to see about getting my card denied me. well she wouldn't give it to me right away at least. even though I have medical records and a giant list of medications I had tried she wanted to give me all this garbage pharma crap to try first. she wanted me to see her once a week for a few months and said she would only " think" about giving me the license if I would resume therapy. I pretty much told her I was only looking to get my license as I found it to be the only thing that helps and there was no way in hell I could afford $150 a week plus therapy and medications just to do a circle back to what I already knew helped me.
         I rescheduled an appointment with another person at the same clinic and based on my background he gave it to me immediately. Ptsd is a kind of sketchy thing to diagnose for people who are not veterans or are under the age of 30. but based on the info I had giving it had shown that SSRI's did nothing for me and stuff like benzodiazepines and barbiturates just caused addiction.  I also had a history of having to get treatment for alcohol withdrawals since 19.  
    As long as you have the medical back ground to insinuate that yes you will benefit from cannabis as a treatment you shouldn't have a problem finding a doctor.  I am pretty sure that first the chick I went to see was trying to milk me for cash and nothing more.
    both the first two people I saw were Legal nurse practitioners and not doctors or psychiatrists. 
    of course it all depends on what state you are in. I am in New Mexico and they are stupid tight about people getting there cards. in fact I would say sometimes it is hard for people with qualifying conditions to get a card. California has been known to give people a card for something stupid like a tooth ache or menstrual cramps lol
  16. I am not bashing you but I am just curious. isn't it legal in Washington? what would the benefits of having a med card in a legal state?
  17. As I replied to a previous poster
    To put things into perspective for you, I've only heard of one recreational dispensary opening up in Seattle. If there are more than that one, they aren't easy to find. I'm sure you can take a guess what sort of business tactics the lonely recreational dispensary stoops to...
    Even if there were a dozen recreational dispensaries in Seattle, medical dispensaries would outnumber them 15 to 1. This sort of competition creates aggressive pricing and sales among these medical dispensaries. Furthermore, recreational marijuana carries some crazy 25% tax or similar figure. 
    Why get a medical card instead of going to a dealer? Reliability, much better deals, much better options. The $75 for the card pays for itself within the month depending on your usage...

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