Has anyone been to Mardi gras? any tips, do, donts.....any good idea to make an extra special experiance?

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    Hey everyone me and the wifey are thinking about hitting no for Mardi gras this year and I was wondering if anyone has ever been and what I should expect as this is my first experience
    I plan on bringing plenty of drink and plentry of smoke
    I hate extremely large crowds so I'm thinking of going on a weds and Thursday night
    I'm not trying to stay on bourbon street, but I'm thinking somewhere only two or three blocks away? I don't want our drunken walk home to be a long one lol
    So can anyone that jnows new orleans offer any ideas to help make our trip? Thnx
  2. Haha of you don't like large crowds, but hey titties make everything better

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  3. If you can see a cop, dont flash. If youre a guy, dont flash. Dont drink unhealthy amounts and dont promise your soul to a cajun voodoo man even in jest.
  4. YES! That's why I'm going, to get fucked up and see some titties
  5. have been once and it was pretty tight, fucking crazy though, we just got a crappy hotel not far from the quarter, actually was thinking about going with some people this year

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