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Has anyone been to a party where they were looked down on for smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RangerSmith, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, it's Ranger Smith back again, and this time I want to hear about your experiences at a party where people weren't very accepting of smoking.

    A bunch of people from my work asked me if I wanted to come to a huge party at this girl's house. They said most people from work would be there, along with a bunch of other random friends people would bring along. I asked if there would be people who smoked there, and they said yes, so I decided to bring along an eighth of some really high quality Blue Dream, and a really nice small Black Leaf.

    When I got to the party, I mingled around for a little bit, said hello to the people I knew from work, and then a few minutes later, someone asked "Hey, does anyone want to go out back to smoke?". About 8 people including myself went out back. The guy pulled out this really cheap pipe... a ceramic "bowl". It looks like something you get in high school as your first piece, and a bag of what was high mids at the most. They packed the mids into the bowl, and were taking really tiny hits and passing it around. They literally took like two hits, and were talking about how high they were.

    I asked "Hey, I have a really nice glass bong in my car, do you guys want me to go get it?" And the guy said "It's cool man, I think we're just going to stick to this." Wtf? I went out to my car anyway and got my bong and my bud, and brought it back outside. I showed everyone the Blue Dream, and asked if anyone wanted to take a hit out of my bong. Only ONE other person wanted to smoke my bud out of my bong, everyone else went inside. So I chilled with this girl and we took massive rips out of my bong and got blasted. Some bitch came outside and said "It smells so bad out here!". Then she seriously asked if I could get something to spray because it smelled "like a skunk".

    For the rest of the party, I feel like people were looking down on me for smoking. They kept making 'stoner' jokes about me, and this followed me to work too. It was a really weird fucking experience. I think it was just a gay party. Everyone there was getting extremely drunk, but refused to smoke bud. Now I know that some people just don't smoke and don't believe in drug use, but they were smoking MIDS out of a pipe, but refused to take chronic hits out of a KILLER bong that I was offering. I think they thought I was a huge stoner for having that, and didn't want to look involved.

    Anyway, I got blasted as fuck, and made sure I stole as much booze as I could from that place before I left. I literally think I took about 100 dollars worth of shit.

    Anyone have a similar experience?
  2. those guys sound like dicks, is the guy who had the mids/ ceramic bowl a dude from work? anyway ive had similar experiences like this, in high school i would smoke at parties and some ppl looked down on it, for example this one girl said something along the lines of "you smoke like everytime you come here". Whatever dude.
  3. Lmao making stoner jokes about some dude who brought a nice ass piece and an eighth of blue dream? That's something that 13 year old kids would say

    Here in NZ everyone is down for a blaze, doesn't matter what age. Everyone accepts it!

  4. ...and there it is...

    Not specifically at parties (see, I would only go to parties where weed is acceptable personally...I don't drink and watching people get drunk is pretty shit), but generally I have been judged for using weed.
    I've had people do stoner jokes. I've had lame cheech and chong references...and I've actually had one person stop hanging out with me on account of it.
    Yet, never have I used irresponsibly.
    I advocate freedom of thought, moderation of all substances, not poisoning the body, healthy diet and life, and vapourisation.
    I don't even smoke it.
    The fact that people don't draw a line between me and some stereotype "lazy stoner" only indicates that they're pretty ignorant.

    I don't try to justify myself to them though - they're not really worthy of the effort or my company.
    It doesn't hurt, if you don't let it.
  5. lol fuck those kids.
  6. You should have made jokes back like "your liver's dying."

  7. Non-Smoker: Ill it smokes like skunk
    Weed-Smoker: :yummy: something smells like skunk.
  8. #8 MangledChipmunk, Sep 15, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2012
    Well to be honest OP, they all sound like elitist cunts, that have the mindset my way or the highway. I've never experienced that in Australia, smoking is widely done here at parties and if you are into smoking at parties then someone is not going to look down on you for it, at least from my experiences anyway.
  9. Anyways fuck those people OP,I hate when people treat you different when they know you smoke weed.I'll say another that one person that decided to smoke Blue Dream with you from your bong,good for him,hopefully he'll embrace the lifestyle and join the culture.
  10. Its bullshit. I went to a few parties at a frat house back when I was in college and they would trip if I took out my pipe. Lame fucks.
  11. If I were to have a party, I wouldn't look down on you for smoking but instead told you to smoke more so we can get much higher.
  12. You sound like someone to have at the party:confused_2::confused_2:


  13. So true
  14. so you werent drinking? maybe thats why
  15. Sounds like a lame ass party lol
  16. That's just strange.

    Those aren't any stoners I know. :confused_2:
  17. See...
    I don't drink either. But I smoke like a hippie, if my friends are goin out, I'll go out with em but have maybe 6 prerolls, and you can tell when people start getting shitty, this is when you take advantage.

    While they're having cigs, etc. (most ppl do even if they don't smoke regularly, I've learned in my many years ppl will at least have a cig when drinking)

    ... just pull out a pre roll every
    couple smoke breaks they take, and smoke, but make it known its yours, hold and possess and smoke like a cig, to where the person has to respectfully ask you, not just put their hand in, if this happens then u look and say "would u like some smoke?" then they should show respect back, and at least ask. If this is a party where people are drinking there should be some OJ or coke or sprite to sip on, or swing by the store on your way out, grab some juice and shit to munch on, if females get drunk enough they'll forget you don't even drink, upping your chances to do a drunk chick. If you've got a chick to take home take some of that stolen alcohol and do a couple shots and you'll be ballsy enough to slam her on the wall and shit like that and she'll tell her friends how awesome it was, because you won't be drunk! You'll be in complete control bro!

    You just gotta make your own party bro!
  18. What a bunch of retarded douches they either 1. Are posers or 2. Were jealous cuz u had dank
  19. at that point I would have taken a shit on the floor.
  20. They just don't sound like your typical cannabis tokers.

    They sound like drinkers who probably drink a lot, and felt like maybe taking a couple hits off of a bowl because it was a thing to do at the time.

    Then you pull out your professional piece, and the people are obviously not every day smokers, so they just looked different on you, while they stuck to getting shitfaced.

    Sounds like just a douche shit party with no open minded people or friendly tokers.

    I would've hit your bong OP! And i'd let you use my vape ;)

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