Has anybody used an iPuff Elevape?

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  1. I've been a pretty hardcore vapor/vaporizer enthusiast for about four years now, and I have never heard of that vaporizer in my life.

    There are plenty of better priced options that probably perform much better as well.
  2. never heard of it
    site doesn't tell you shit about it
    smells of a viral advertising thing to me..
  3. Upon further reading, it seems like the Elevape is indeed an actual product that can be shipped to you from Amazon for about $130.

    Considering the lack of information, sketchy (as hell) website, and plenty of more inexpensive and effective models out there, I would say that this vaporizer is not the best choice.
  4. Hello everyone!

    I am a public relations spokesperson for IPuff USA, I read your posts and I greatly appreciate your interest. I completely understand your concern given the relative newness of our products on the market. We have been developing these products for about two years and have been beta testing them for the past six months. We feel that our team of engineers have come up with superior device that are reliable, efficient, sturdy, and practical. Since our products are developed and assembled by our company here in the USA our production costs are higher than other competitive products that were developed and manufactured overseas, but once you try the products we are sure you’ll find the price is justifiable.

    In regards to the website, the current site was intended only as a placeholder until we could complete our final layout which is due to go live shortly. It has more information both on our company and our products. The new site will also have links to all of our social media outlets including Twitter (twitter.com/IPuff_USA), Facebook (facebook.com/ipuffusa) and YouTube (goo.gl/Ei8pJ). Please feel free to like, subscribe or contact us with any questions you might have at info@ipuffusa.com

    Thanks again for your interest! :)

  5. So you have been developing a Ego - T with a LCD screen? that means you hold the patent for it? or the 100 other chinese companies that make them for the past year? i dont understand please explain where are you manufacturing your ego-t with lcd screen?
  6. Bump!

    Same question! That statement sounded like a generic formal neutralization; we are interested in your product. What ratio's do you suggest to run? Do they run on ejuice?

  7. why would you want to vape ejuice with weed?
  8. <blockquote>The Elevape Smart is a fruit of a 4 year R&D project ( we thought will take 6 months :) ) and the ''SIMPLE '' task took a team of 7 engineers, including a thermo dynamics engineer, and a Cambridge graduate with 25 years of experience  to come up with what we think 
    is  the sturdiest,  most sophisticated  portable convection vaporizer on the market today.Precision machined entirely out of anodized aluminum ( no flimsy  plastic parts) The unit is a true convection vaporizer, it uses a titanium alloy coil as heat source,  controlled by a micro processor that monitors the glow given out by the heating coil 100 times a second,  and adjusts the temperature to airflow ratio during draw. The unit comes preprogrammed with 3 temperature settings but it can be fine tuned via our exclusive app that can be downloaded from our website, allowing for optimal efficiency without combustion at any  moister content .
  9. My friend has a normal iPuff, worked alright, but we were tripping the only time I got to use it and I could never get it to work. Kept calling it a piece of shit, my friend claimed there was too much hash in it, but I was only able to get a hit off of it a couple of times. He got it to work fairly well I guess, and if you buy it from a shop they have warranties that you can take them to any retail store that sells them and you can get a replacement if it breaks.
  10. ive been reading the fc forums about this. very interested in it it looks awsome.
  11. Is the app supposed to be a joke? Looks horrible from what I have seen.

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  12. This has been getting some great reviews over at FC.
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    Hi All Vaporizer enthusiasts ! I'm Happy to report that the new production run of our Elevape Smart Vaporizers are fresh off the assembly line,and available for immediate shipping . Please take a look at www.elevapesmart.com

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