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has anybody out there actually smoked heavy and not had any lung problems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mystonedmind, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. i mean spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on it. or at LEAST a chronic dub/8th a day. 
    for the minority of people who were able to afford that much weed and were able to handle being that high all the time, what did you smoke out of?
    especially answer that if you didnt have any lung problems because im curious

  2. Not tens of thousands dollars but I have smoked a couple kilos in my life time.

    The only problem with my lungs was when I smoked menthol cigs with the weed. After I quit smoking a pack a day, I could definitely feel "healthier" when just smoking the weed in blunts or joints.

    Overall, I have smoked the weed heavily at certain points in my life but now I only smoke 1 or 2 joints a day instead of 15 blunts a day like the good ole days.

    I can certainly be able to work harder in my manual labor job when not smoking weed all day, only when I smoke before bed allows me to get higher after a long days work.

    TL;DR in my experience, smoking the weed without cigarettes has not been to negative on my lungs. Good luck!!!

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  3. Smoke at least 2g a day for 3-4 years and id of said my lungs have got better, my asthma clearled up about a year after first smoking... no one seems to believe me though haha
  4. what did you smoke out of? 
  5. My lungs ;) joke... Joints, blunts, bongs, buckets, vaporisers... Pipes and what we used to call "the device" she was a beast!
  6. I do have lung problems but I have lung problems without weed.  Whether weed has a negative impact or not, idk.  I would have to stop smoking for a couple months to really find out.
  7. I smoke a few bowls a day on average, with exceptions of course. But like someone else said, I only get a bad cough when I smoke a lot of cigarettes, not a lot of weed.
  8. Smoke is bad for your lungs regardless of where it comes from, so if you're smoking heavily you're bound to have lung problems in the future if you haven't already. 

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