Has anybody gotten caught

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  1. Has anybody gotten caught by the police for growing and what would happen if you get caught?
  2. Yes. People get busted all the time. Punishment veries from state to state and range from probation to incarceration and fines. I've never even been caught in possession.
  3. if you dont have a card and youre growing local. im almost certain youre going to get busted. depending on where you live actually. Here in Cali the ghetto bird helicopter is known to patrol backyards and infared INSIDE homes at night time!!! They will look for constant hotspots inside garages, attics, etc (grow lights), but Ive never met anyone that actually gets a visit by the police.. im sure they keep it on file and will mention something if a house call is ever called

    Im very informed on the law :)
  4. It's your priors that fuck you up.

  5. I dont see how they can get a warrant just because you have a "constant hot spot" in your house. What if your growing tomatoes? Same thing goes with the electric bill. If you are having your house scanned, its more than likely they are already on to you because of a different reason.
  6. He didnt say that they could get a warrant, i think he was just saying it puts you on the polices radar screen, so if they ever do have a legitimate reason to come to your house they already have a suspicion that you are growing. is that what you were going for PY?
  7. depends what state you're in, how much you are growing, and if their is any actual bud on the plant.

  8. Yeah I can see that. but even still, they are just randomly checking house to "keep them on file" sounds like a waste of resources. Especially since in Cali growing is really a federal offence. That would mean the feds are sending choppers and infrared equipment for random searches with no other information in the hopes of stumbling on something?

    I dont know man, I wouldnt be too worried about that as much as nosey neighbors and snitches. Dont tell ANYONE that you are growing period, keep the smell under control, those are pretty much the most important rules to live by for a grower.
  9. Ya i gotcha, to think that they have all the small time growers in a file that they check everytime they go on a house call seems kinda paranoid to me. But paranoia pays i guess. I agree, if no one knows your growing, follow the basic security guidelines for growing and you get yourself a carbon filter its very unlikely anyone would get busted IMO. i dunno, it might be different in Cali, up here in WA, I have known quite a few small-medium time growers and ive never known one who got busted.

  10. seriously? that's one of the worst posts Ive ever read.

    -rep sorry , but that's one of the most ridiculous things Ive ever read.
  11. I just want to know what will happen if i get caught with 7 baby plants until sex shows.
  12. Probation
  13. Thanks for the folks backing g me. Its not something that is common but Oakland and Richmond have been n.notorious for grow op busts and these are some major places where felons are constantly back b forth thru the system so its a liability just living around these areas.

    There's a lot of info on the net man take it as it is and don't assocciate with shady folks and I'm sure you'll be fine
  14. Police had a search warrant for my house for other reason and saw my couple of plants (about 15 little plants about 3 weeks old) well they didn't say nothing about it.I was worried that they would come back.It's been 2 weeks and haven't hurt from them.
    But I know next time they come they won't find no plants.
    That was a close call!
  15. if you have more then 4 plants cops have the right to belive you are a commerical grower and is growing to sell
  16. what if im growing with my freind and we get caught could we split the amount of plants also well im sorta fucked with a felony until sex shows.
  17. Having a partner means a "conspiracy charge" too. More time added. Besides partners mean trouble all the way around.

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