has anybody ever......

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  1. gone on a roller coaster while stoned/high?

    any other rides?

    whats it like? fun? scary?

    im going to this place called freestyle park (formally hard rock park b4 it went bankrupt)
    and i was thinking about blazin a little before i go
  2. Depends on each person. To me, being high makes everything that much better. And rollercoasters are one of them. Just dont be too ripped where you try to jump out of the seat because its so scary and you want to leave.
  3. The ride seemed so much faster and longer.
    It was amazing.
  4. It's really fun. Waterparks are more fun, but tomato tamato. Just don't get to high, and don't eat a lot because you will feel nauseous and then not enjoy yourself.

    And bring some ginger pills for the nausea.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPS25WItiZ0]YouTube - The Titan at Six Flags Over Texas[/ame][ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LekJJ65d1w"][/ame]

    This, my friend.... was one of the biggest rushes of my life.

    The thing is a monster.

    Its got a 255 foot drop:eek:
  6. havent gone on any theme park rides yet. but i have jumped off cliffs snowboarding blazed off my ass and have to say that those times were some of the greatest experiences of my life

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