has anybody ever seen one of these??

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  1. This is my first time back on this site in almost a year... But I've had this piece for over year and it was free with my bong I could never figure out exactly what it is so hopefully somebody will know what it is?

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  2. Some sort of one-hitter? Can you smoke out of it? Load up your weed in that end piece? Dunno, but I've seen something kind of like that before
  3. It's a bullet / sneak a toke.
  4. I used to have a small screen inside but evertime I smoke out of it I just suck shit in so I don't smoke out of it. But I do use it for a roach killer
  5. haha i used to have one of those. They're called sneak a tokes. You just pack the end that comes off and then light from the small hole. The rubber thing on mine broke though and that piece all around sucks imo
  6. I use to have that piece , you unscrew. It adds bud then smoke ..... I remember being 14 and. I smoked in my room , my dad threw out the trash and asked if I was smoking cigs .... Told him naw .... It was incense, only real time I sat there and just blazed .....
  7. It's a bullet they were popular in the 90s

  8. It's called a bullet. Mainly used for quick hits.
  9. I had one of those and it fit in my cigarette lighter in my car and even had the cigarette smoking logo on it the cops search my car once and it was loaded with weed and they never found it I was like 17. I don't smoke out of anything metal anymore, only glass for me.
  10. Damn every time I smoke out of it I just suck in a bunch of shit.
  11. U pry need a screen in it, My bro had one and the hole was pretty damn big.
  12. Its a bullet.
    They are pretty good for small concealed hits in public.
    Dont expect it to give you an award winning high or anything, it gets the job done.
    Point Blank
  13. That's a Sneak-A-Toke my good man!

    Pop a screen in it and its a discreet way to smoke in public, plus it conserves bud on an epic scale. They cost like 99 cents and you can get them, pretty much anywhere.
  14. Its good because you can throw it away of you have to and it wont mean much
  15. It's a sneak-a-toke like everyone else has said lol.
  16. Sneak-a-tokes are the best!
  17. thanks for the info but its a piece of shit then cause i put a screen in it and i never hit it too hard and it just wastes all my bud!
  18. that's weird that it would come with a bong of all things.
  19. It's a sneak a toke
  20. Sneak-a-toke apparently. I never knew what it was called, but I've had one before. Be careful, those stupid things get blazing hot after a couple hits.

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