Has anybody ever realized...?

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    Has anybody ever realized that lasagne tastes better upside down?

    Post your own.

    Btw I'm high as shit so please don't delete this cos it lacks detail. And probaby effort too. Dunno. But yeah. :D

    everybody knows the little bit in the bottom of the bowl in the very middle that you can never reach with the tip of your fingers, right?
    did you know that you can bend your finger and use the outside edge to get that, then simply lick it off your finger. i just realised. stoked.
  2. How high are you right now?
  3. the only thing i eat thats upside-down is PUSSY....

  4. well i had one big cone, but i must say... i had to retype this sentence 6 times (approx) before i got it right. in conclusion i must say to you: quite stoned indeed.
  5. man listen to me. Ice cream ok?

    A tub of ice cream, now take the lid off, and scrape the icecream that is clingin to the underside of the lid. Fucking win man! do it please nobody believes me

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