Has anybody ever had this happen?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ConTronGrower, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Ok well I have about a week left on this auto and I noticed that I was seeing brown. I just want to know if anybody has had this and is it bad. 20161109_191258.jpg

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  2. Looks like the hairs are just changing, nothing to worry about
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  3. Thanks for the info it destroyed my whole yeild
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    That browns normal... The hairs start out white and turn brownish red
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  5. the hairs turned Amber before, the Calyx started turning brown from the top working it's way to bottom
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  6. I'll try to find another pic
  7. Just the start of the rott 20161115_202946.jpg
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  8. You really can't see this bud rottt?? Screenshot_20161223-175605.png
  9. What are you crying about?
    More like you destroyed a whole crop... Sad part is there was prob really nothing wrong
  10. I probably did fucked it up, with low tempss and high humidity but I believe it was bud rot when the whole cola was brown in the middle and purple amd green on the outside
  11. And even if there was a prob, showing one shitty picture and expecting someone to be your plant doc and then blame them for taking advice from bad info is your problem....
  12. Well when you think you're the plant doc I don't think that's much better
  13. Starting off with that zoomed in pic would of been better to begin with. Just glancing at it it seems like you may of been talking about the brown hairs because you didn't give much detail in the description to start out with. Best to give us your setup temps humidity and all of that with some description of what you thinks wrong when you make the post prevents a headache.

    Not hating plant did look good just messed up it happens.
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  14. The plant is dying or starting to rot. I would chop before it spreads. IT IS NOT FINE

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  15. That's what he needed to hear over a month ago lol....
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  16. I know your pain, I had this problem before. High humidity and bad air circulation are prime conditions for botrytis. Its a latent disease and could of entered your plant early during the flowering phase, but only manifests near bud/fruit maturity. Its important to scrub your grow area afterwards to remove any chance of spores remaining. Record temps and humidity, get good air circulation in your grow area and an extractor fan may even require a dehumidifier depending on where you live

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