Has anybody ever considered death to be a good thing?

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  1. We don't know what happens when we die-

    We do kno that everything dose die-

    If it's something that EVERYTHING must go thru, then maby it's supposed to be even better when we die.

    If death was strictly a negative thing then everything shouldn't die, but select things...

    Just high at work, and I work in a hospital so I see death alot.

    I just hate that death is viewed so negatively- I mean the spirit (or our energy) is free from this damn human body that can't really do much and is very weak.
  2. Death is whatever you believe it to be.

    It can go many ways.
  3. Well I'm glad you view death as something not really to be depressed and sad over,instead a time of sorrow, but also joy.

    for many Christians, it is viewed as a positive thing.
  4. After some unmentionables my current view on death is quite bleak... I believe there is nothing, we are just mere animals that have learned to think. No such thing is a spirit or anything like that, once you die, you're dead, "you" don't exist anymore. Existence is just an illusion.

    I really hope I'm wrong...
  5. I agree we should all re evaluate how we perceive death. i feel like if everybody embraced death we could see past all the trivial man-made bullshit that makes this world so fucked up. So much of all the negative things like greed and hatred stem from the fear of death, its like everyone is stepping over each other trying to run from something thats inevitable. In most modern cultures we are told to appreciate life and be sad and have anxiety about death, but i feel like it should be balanced and we shouldnt appreciate life any more than death, but simply respect them both equally.

    It seems like if everyone would just see death for what it is, a natural progression of energy, we could all see how pointless it is arguing and attacking one another and explore this reality together in peace.
  6. Why do you consider that a bleak thing? We live, we die and that's that. Where's the problem? And of course existence isn't an illusion. You exist right now, one day you won't.
  7. I don't like the idea of my not existing anymore... I've always wanted there to be some mystical afterlife.

    I just feel as if there's no real reason to exist, it's depressing.
  8. I agree man. Instead of inventing imaginary immortal beings to worship and an imaginary immortal soul to worry about we should instead accept our mortality. Death is as natural as breathing. It's not depressing, it's not unnatural and it's not something to fear. We're not going to be sitting around saying oh fuck look at me I'm dead, we're just going to have no awareness at all - just like before we were born. Although I'll always listen to what other people have to say, there isn't a shred of evidence in all the universe to support any other theory of what death is.
  9. I have a saying, "what you can't change you have to accept". If we're mortal we're mortal, no matter how much we don't like it. If we can't change it we have to accept it.

    If humans had never invented gods would we have created civilizations? Would we have worked together and strived so hard if we didn't think we were "doing it for God"? What would happen now if we all (accurately) said that there is no god and death is just our natural end? Would it be good for humanity or ruinous?

  10. But that's impossible

    If you believe in the laws of physics "energy cannot be created or destroyed" , and what the fuck do you think we are ? That's right energy... So it's impossible to destroy us (well our energy) , isn't it ?

    What's happens to that energy free it leave our bodies? Well that's the question..

    Other than death, the one only other thing that EVERYONE must go thru is Birth. And you would say that's a positive because you can expiriance the phenomenon that is "life"

  11. Well, I'm not saying I don't accept it, that's just the problem... I do accept it. I just don't like it, I get an uneasy feeling about it. I want some sort of mystical meaning behind shit, some sort of something. I don't like the idea of just stopping, I try to imagine it, and I can't. Well obviously I can't, durr, but I try to still. I just... I don't like the insignificance is all. But it's not all is the problem, I assume there's more, meh, I need to vape this trench and ponder.

  12. As a Christian I can vouch for this. But it's biblical that trying to rush it is a bad thing...

  13. Well, our physicals parts will still be around yes, but not "us", not the "instert name here" you "are".

    You wont be conscious of existing, you wont be able to think "oh shit, this is after death".

  14. You're consciousness is a manifestation of physical processes in the brain. Once you die and the inner-workings of the brain and body cease to function as they do now...so does your consciousness. But the matter / energy of your body will still exist in another form.

    In other words, once you die that's the end of your awareness. So I guess that can be a good thing in a way, no more suffering.
  15. That's what I'm talking about, I like my awareness, it's what makes me... me. I want to keep it, lol

  16. Well when the time comes , and you die, you will not know you are dead so what dose it matter.

    Just live life to the fullest, and when you are old, you are probably just gunna wanna die haha
  17. You're not getting it :smoke:
  18. I think there is nothing after death your whole life is gone just black
  19. I don't see death as "Good" or "Bad," "Sad" nor "Happy." It is an occurrence which is simple in nature. You don't have to deal with it, just let it happen when it happens and live during the rest of your time. One day it will happen and when it does all it brings is an end to life and a beginning to death. Thereby it does not have any emotional baggage for myself. It will just occur.

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