Has anybody else had this thing in their mouth? "srs"

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  1. I'd call my self a seasoned vet when it comes to smoking the herb, but a couple years ago I quit due to very severe health anxiety, I started back up again in april, and I've been LOVING it, its been great, until a couple days ago I noticed this here.... and its all just gone downhill from there, I got majorly freaked out, sorry to gross everybody out its just I thought id check if anybody else gets these so I can calm myself down a little... I use very very minimal tobacco in my joints.

    I love my weed though, I don't wanna stop smoking it... I'm probably just gunna smoke 1 joint a night for the time being... I wouldn't call my self addicted, but right now theres ALOT on my plate and weed just lets me escape the reality of just pure horrible feelings

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  2. I dont put tabacco in my joints bro.. Just the buds :) Also Im not sure that is caused from it either.. Did a hot coal hit you or something? Not sure whats up with that.. Try mouth wash and just keeps it clean and monitor it..
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  3. that looks more like something rubbed and irritated that part of the mouth not smoke. where you eating chips or anything that could of scratched it maybe a particularly hot hit that sucked some weed through. a dentist could look at it. they would probably just tell ya to leave it alone, and drink more water. my dentist always tells me to drink more water when im smoking because cotton mouth is a breading ground for bacteria. if your worried about health, switching to a desktop vape is always a good option. i like the Arizer Extreme Q.
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  4. Wow
    Dam you still have your teeth
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  5. Looks like somebody had a cavity :rolleyes:
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  6. That's what my mrs reckons, tried telling me it's an absess aswell lol, I'll wack some bonjella on it, cheers lads you've been more than helpful, what a great bunch of people you have here
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    Might want to get it looked at
    Better safe than sorry
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  8. I dont think its an abscess, usually they are accompanied by lots of swelling and pressure. I knew a guy at work that had one once, half his face was swollen lol
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  9. Yeah it has to be the health anxiety creeping back, because before I stopped 2 years ago I was smoking 5 years non stop prior to that.... I probably had all kinds of niggles popping up here and there probably just shrugged it off as nothing, but to someone who has health anxiety the tiniest scratch can feel like a death sentence, horrible stuff.....
  10. I think you should consider a doc. I don't like those black streaks, they remind me of....should I say it?.....the big C. Sorry.
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  11. It isn't from smoking ganja or a little tobacco. Notice you had a pretty serious cavity filled or root canal done right near that ulcerated sore. I think you need to see a dentist.
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  12. Booked an emergency one today, hope to god its fuck all seriouse, im only 23, is that an ulcerated sore then?
  13. Funny how its RIGHT next to that (seriouse root canal) as thats what it was..... i reckon its something to do with that
  14. Dude, it isn't cancer or anything like that.low down broski and chill for a minute. Cancer is a scary word and I would know... Stage four cancer survivor right here.

    To me it looks like what would happen when I hit the inside of my mouth with my tooth brush or when I took a particularly good shot to the mouth and jammed my mouth gaurd against my gum area. After it happens, maybe a day and sometimes two, after the hit.

    I am no dentist so it's why I think you need to see a real one. That will get it sorted for you.
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  15. get it checked out
    You already received some good advise from an RN
    But I am not naming names
    Have it look at and when the doc says not to worry
    Smoke a Fatty
  16. Start eating lots of leafy greens bro. Bud leaves included. The anti inflammatory action should help, as well as clean out your blood.
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  17. Gum disease apparently
  18. Cancer can be gum disease. Just kidding but what kind of disease? Infection or just inflammation? Antibiotics?

  19. God damn your teeth are gnarly :sick:
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