Has Any1 Been To a oxygen bar?

Discussion in 'General' started by weednotcrack, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I just want to know is it worth it?? oxygen is already free.i want to know if it like some Really Pure oxygen and you can feel it in your body or mind.and how much was it.:D
  2. there are such things as oxygen bars?
  3. yeah there is.it's weird.
  4. I remember when they were all the rage, what was that the 90s?
  5. If there were one near me Id go.

    Definitely get real blazed before though.
  6. They had a sample bar at my mall. It was interesting and I did feel energized.
  7. ive never been in one, but i believe they also offer like flavored oxygen like orange, or cherry, strawberry etc etc
  8. FLAVORED oxygen!?
    I'm down!
  9. hmm... cool,i guess im going to check one out.it's been getting hard to breath lately.:bongin:
  10. their fucking stupid dude, waste of money. its just pure air that smells different
  11. well i search a bit at the price first and it said they start at $900. and in the pictures it was a bunch of rich snobs. i'm not paying 900 bucks to breath air.but if some1 is willing to pay for me then i'll try it.hahah
  12. $900, wtf, is that for an entire oxygen compressing machine?
  13. I did it in Vegas with my buddy. We sat there for an hour while the dudes that worked the little stand gave us all these products they had - like massaging things and electrostimulation or whatever the fuck. It was awesome.
  14. Dont buy your own, Go to a bar.

    Thats not $900 dollars ^
  15. "meh" about sums it up. they just bubble oxygen through flavored solutions. i didn't like how the tubes went into my nose rather than a mask i could breath in with my mouth.
  16. In medical use (like a gas-mask at an accident) is only 30% oxygen, not pure oxygen. You can actually damage your lungs severely if you breath pure, or high concentrations of oxygen under certain conditions.
  17. They have one at the mall near me. Its like 30 bucks for 30 min, Ive always wanted to give it a try but I dont really want to spend 30 bucks on flavored air.
  18. oxygen bar + gravity machine would be a cool combination.

    i'd pay money for that :smoke:

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