Has any1 been sick this week?

Discussion in 'General' started by Scott40, May 29, 2009.

  1. Ive had such a bad virus. Went to the doctor and everything. Just feel like crap. my throat, cough , and runny nose...damm shits annoying..
  2. uh oh.....


    lol jk. I haven't but a couple people i work with have been, and my fiancee's mom was last week

    sorry to hear you're feelin like shit man

    for the slower ones, the pic resembles "swine flu"...cuz it's a pig flying
  3. yeah im still sick
  4. dare i say swine flu?
  5. strep throat over here
  6. i have the same thing.
    it came on fast too.
    started wth me having trouble breathing in my lungs, then i got a bad throat so fast, now im starting to get it in my nose and like my head aches.
    and the funny thing is, im going partying tonight
    fuck im gonna regret this in the morning ahha
  7. yeah i was like that last week. my cough is taking forever to go away because i keep smoking cigs...
  8. Strange question....
  9. i think i got like food poisoning last night. and i ate little caesars today, which was a mistake. that shit always gives me bad nights on the toilet.
  10. yesa after my opiate withdraw it took everything outta my body and now i have a fever and a patchy throat..there is a nasty virus going hrough my sister got it today too!
    take goldenseal, oreginal oil pills and anti-pleage and youll be good in a day or so(and google it b/c not many people know about this cure)

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