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Has any one here caught their parents smoking??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. I would like to know if any one here has caught their parents...

    There are many threads about parents catching kids, I just want to see if thiere is another side to this!
  2. Never caught mine. Don't think they smoke currently. Although I'm sure my mom did during her Haight-Ashbury days in the 60s. I've blazed with my friends dad before though.
  3. never caught my parents in the act, but i did find their stash when they were on vacation when i was 15. 3 packs of rolling papers, a metal one hitter, shake all over the locked makeup case, and dont forget almost a quartar. i was dissapointed that there shit was not to good. i checked later to see if it was still there and there was barely any herb left so i guess that they smoke occasionally. i always tried to get them to admit it without being outright or blunt about it. never smoked with em, oh well.
  4. found my dads stashes before, and he has some cronic weed (he told me before he gets it from a university, its sooo good), and ive found pipes and papers and roaches and swishers.

    and once i caught him , like i saw smoke, i smelt it, and i was like, some ones caught! and he was like, u didnt catch shit. and later we had a taklk
  5. my mom and i have smoked together at the blues on the beach nite. and they've seen me smoke at the lake. one time my bro caught my mom and dad smokin and he was pissed off. he told em to grow up. mom told him to relax and have a puff. lmao. hahaha, like mother like daugher! i myself have never "caught" my parents. they are responsible people, shit go for it i say. my hubs said to me that if he found out his mom smoked he'd be pissed off. i don't get that.
  6. cuaght my pops a lot of time, and worst part he stingy with his buds.....:D
  7. ive caught my dad numerous times, smoked a few times too
  8. never caught my parents but have caught my friends dad smoking one night the same with a sherlock that he took from her that morning.
  9. I didn't realise that many of the parents were that open..

    I for sure have never been caught.. I've been told a couple times that they knew what I was doing but not caught red handed..
  10. lucky you man. been caught 2 times already.

    i know my mom used to smoke. doesn't have time to now. nor does my dad, but i sure wanna smoke with them.
  11. I started smoking when I was 17...this was back in the sixties and my folks knew, I'd go for a toke, and when I got back my Mom would tease me about smokin those "funny cigarettes", now days I have to worry about being caught by the grand kids.
  12. My parents told me that they each tried it a few times but never really got into it. It would be awesome to smoke with them though haha
  13. my moms a cop so i dont think so

    i dont know my dad but hes a cop too

    ive smoked with most of my friends dads though
  14. we caught my friends mom... she always bitches at him like how she thinks hes doin drugs and shit.. We told her we were going to a friends house and coming back at 8.. we come back at 6:30 and see her in the kitchen with beet red eyes and a perfume smelling haze coming out of the bathroom.. here is our conversation:
    we walk in and she jumps like two feet.
    "OMG, I didnt know you kids we coming home so early"
    my friend: yeah, well, his mom said she had to leave so we had to too.
    his mom (laughs histerically): o, were you guys being bad? (laughs again)
    basically his mom laughed at every statement made in the 10 min conversation. it was sooo funny... yeah i guess it was one of those "you had to be there" moments.. oh well

  15. only cuzz they copz dont mean they wernt teen at one point mate....
  16. first (and only) time my parents confiscated a bag... i found it in their room and 2 bowls ive never seen before, and they were most definitely used. needless to say i packed their bowls for em and took back my 1/4 lol
  17. My mom knew i smoked long before i knew she smoked, she always acted like it was a dirty little secret. These days I chong it up with her regularly :D
  18. I wish my rents smoked. Maybe they wouldn't be so uptight, and wouldn't make me feel so bad for doing it.
  19. My dad flat out told me he smoked when my mom caught me. I'm waiting to smoke with my dad. I know my mom used to smoke, and she doesn't really come down on me for smoking, only occasionally.
  20. heh, that;tll be the dav

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