has any one else gotten a siezure from smoking

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  1. i remeber being young and my friends were smoking dabs and it was my first dab ever i straight up couldnt feel my body i felt like a heat flashes and i couldnt stop coughing and then i just collapse face forward just started having a siezure my friends didnt know what to do so they picked up while i was still shaking i just rember waking up with everybody tripped out i was wondering has anybody experience this too
  2. More of a green out then a seizure. You were overwhelmed and possibly had a lack of oxygen.

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  3. Jesus, glad you had friends around, did you figure it out or end up with a health condition that makes you prevalent towards having seizures?

    I DO remember this happening to a friend of mine, couching after a gravity bong made him seize. I hadn't smoked with him much and was with a group. He fell out and bumped his head even. I was so mad at how everyone though it was no big deal, that he'd be fine, etc. I lost friends that day because I wanted to take him to the ER. I had no knowledge of seizures at the time, nor did anyone I suppose there, and it was serious to me. I never looked at them the same way, if that had been me on the ground, and they acted the way they had, I would have never considered them friends at all.
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    yea luckyly i had friends there help me out except one person who was laughing i felt way to weak to get down with him that day like i felt like i lost control of my body that day
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  5. my friend told me that too but it felt way to un real i just remeber my life fashing before my eyes lil child hood memorys of me going to mexico tthings that never came in mind
  6. I used to get seizures too. Then I started smoking weed.
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  7. Haha, true to this for the majority as well. I do hope OP can be safe and enjoy as well in the future. For real though, the theme across all the threads I see that end up having to do with the individual's "health" seem to indicate many, like I, don't like to see doctors because they are generally, dicks for a confluence of reasons that are vast... What was my point? Health is tricky, and many seem to uncover what may be ailing them due to the awesome power of the canna, but associate the negative with what is easy to point the finger at, the stuff. Anyways, that was my thought.
  8. Ok then. I was only kidding though... But yeah. Some doctors are pricks for sure.

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