Has Any Mexican Smuggled Marijuana Ever Shown Up At Any Of The Dispensaries In The Us?

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  1. What about marijuana from countries Jamaica, Columbia, Afganistan or any other 3rd world hell hole? You know those medical marijuana dispensaries that exist in states like California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Maine, Michigan.......? Where does the marijuana they get come from, and has there ever been a case you heard of where a dispensary had smuggled cartel weed? 

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    the weed is normally grown in state and some states make the dispensary grow 80% of there own. I dont think it would be cost effective to ship it from anywhere outside the USA. Just get seeds with those genetics and grow it in a dispensary.
    Also the cartels have their own system of selling. They make more selling it to none med states.
  3. I remember when our "legal" dispensary would have pounds of shake... my friend who's cousin worked their said they don't collect shake from jars, they just get packages of it every week. It was the $60 and ounce shake too.
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    And your point is?

    What I'm trying to say is that legal vendors can (and sometimes do) have a shitload of shake that they sell to the clubs for cheap ($200-400 a pound)
  5. i wouldnt be surprised, but it definitely is not common. to make money dispensaries need to have good stuff, its a competitive market. i mean maybe some clubs important schwag just to sell as there low shelf $5 or less grams, but nobody with a medical card is going to want to buy brick weed.
  6. Time to get stoned.
  7. Who'd want it..
  8. If weed were legal in Mexico, and the United States, I can say with certainty that their best outdoor grown products would put many North American growers out of business, pronto, due to Mexico's ability to grow pure 100% sativa for very cheap prices.  If it were legalized in Columbia, Panama and some other countries, I think that virtually 98% of weed consumed by North Americans would be imports.  About the only thing that would prevent this would be if high tariffs and taxes were enacted in the United States for imports.  
    Personally, I'd prefer having imported weed, I grew up with them and we had other unmentionable drugs that were VERY strong, and thus we knew what being really high was like - and the best imports were not a disappointment.        
  9. The weed from mexico is seeded crap. No attention is put into it. Just grown in some field... never watched for deficiencies and grown for bulk not quantity. Its mostly low grade deteriorating thc. The only thing good its used for is compost to grow some real strains. Why would it need to be imported from anywhere else overseas. If you divide the cost of nutrients to each individual plant itll come out to say $5 a plant or less. You can yeild up to a lb per plant on average if you put some time into it. So say 16ounces X $350 = $5600 off a $5 investment and some sun. Crap weed aint worth anything to medicinal users. And any shake from thier harvests is nomaly used in butter or oils. People prefer buds- dont ask me why cause its all the same to me.
  10. Where do you guys live?  there are so many people that grow here, a little old man in a car drives around in the fall and offers you 600 a lb for as much as you can come up with.  everybody grows but not everybody knows how to grow right, so all these people dump their shit weed to this dude who works for the cartel, who then ships the shit back east as prime cali outdoor.    come the end of august cars are lining up around the dispensaries with trunk fulls, they drop the prices to shit when they do that.  makes it hard on the "little guys" lol.  But i have seen mex weed at dispensaries, I've seen some damn fine mex weed in my time, too - my buddy used to have a guy call him from the warehouse, sniffing kilos saying "this one's skunky, this one smells like shit, this ones green and sticky and skunky" etc.  the pic of what was brought up.My 2 cts
  11. 98% of weed is actually localy grown. Although it originates from seed elsewere we can grow the same strains here with the same amount of thc. Theres no need of wasting product and money trying to get it past the feds. One seed can end up making millions of pound of marijuana from cloning. Its easier to send that than a million pound. Im east coast. Most of what we got musta been there crap end cause that shit sux. Before medicinal our shit still came localy. Vermont maine ect
  12. Yes I have and the DEA shuts em down real quick. Most of the mj in dispensaries is either grown by the dispensary or they get it from local growers. But from time to time, you get cartels that have a thousand kilos of weed and the feds dont like that.
  13. Nah, like people have said above me 1. the cartels have their own distribution and sales and 2. no way a dispensary would sell anything thats been vac sealed and smuggled that far. Much better product is available within state lines, if they don't already grow most of their product in house. 
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    Nobody in thier right mind would ever pay $350 for an oz of shitty seeded mexican brick weed.
    I grow my own and that way I know what I am getting.
  15. I absolutely lost my shit here. You said a lb per plant, thats not average for an indoor grower more like 2-4oz you can get more but thats about the average. It would take a lifetime to cut enough clones to grow a million pounds and you would need a new mother plant every week at the rate that would be going. Yeah you can get lb's off of one seed through cloning but a million is impossible from one seed.

    As far as cartel weed, ive smoked seedless cartell bud that was hairy and got me blown. It was compacted but still thats like saying they cant grow good bud in Australia or europe. Im tell my friends all the time its no the weed its the grower, and there are plenty of terrible ones right here in the US. As far as brickweed hitting a dispensary i doubt it. If its nice and fluffy still and its good the why does it matter where it came from?
  16. Shit I was saying $350 at a dispensuary. I wouldnt even buy mexican seeded crap. I grow my own medicinal as well. I was saying a million clones figuratively speaking. Why would dispensuaries waste time buying it overseas when they can grow a shitload from one seed. As a lb a plant most distpensuaries I see on youtube grow in greenhouses with the stalks as thick as there arms. Yea I only get 3-6 oz off my indoors as well. Lol read what i wrote instead of skimming it.
  17. Im just trying to make a point that theres no reason for a dispensuary to get cannabis out of anywere but themselves or local. Its a total profit crop. It litteraly costs about $5 per plant nutes in bulk. Greenhouses no need for light or co2, unless they want to add more.
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    ^ Look, your passionate and all, but I'm going to blow your argument out of the water.

    Long beach, Ca. 50-60$ Oz. Compacted. Seeded. Mexiweed. From a dispensary.
    Why did they do it? Profit is correct. It is not 5$ a plant to grow; you've never grown obviously. Its cheaper and EASIER to buy pounds of  brick and resell as bottom shelf than to mass produce your own bottom shelf; their own grow operations are reserved for the "top shelf strains"
  19. Ok, I understand what you are saying. Thanks for your reply.
  20. Why do people assume all Mexican weed is Schwag. When I visited Mexico I got some really good acopolo gold for 200 bucks for 4 oz's. it was some dank.

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