has any blade grown/smoked these strains?

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  1. Afternoon all... I'm just putting together my first seed order, my budget is very low so im only doing 3 plants at a time, so ive decided to get 3 very different types so heres what ive picked ( from attitude pick and mix )
    1: Barneys Farm Honey B
    2: Big Buddha Bubble Cheese
    3: Nirvana seeds Master Mush

    And not forgetting the freebie

    1 dinafem ufo ...

    What y'all think? Whos smoked these or grown em .... Peace merry stoners.
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    order on the weekend so you get three more freebies...
  3. Number 3 was changed, is now seedisum BLZ ... Has anyone grown any of these strains?
  4. Oh come on guys there must be at the very least a few ppl who this applies to....

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