Has a song ever...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dr_krapp, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. ..."touched your soul"?

    in a way, best description i could think of.
  2. Yeah, especially when I'm high.

    System Of A Down - Blue (Its a demo).. kick ass song about god... wish they would of rerecorded it and put it on a CD :(
  3. Mines Paint it black by the rolling stones

    awesome song
  4. Mine has to be don't fear the reaper - blue oyster cult.Music that dont touch you're soul is not music worth listening to.
  5. i love listening to music, just no song has ever touched me like that before.

    NO daddy dont touch me there(soz i was watching baseketball)
  6. so many have, ESPECIALLY when im high, so i couldnt really name one.

  7. Same here, I don't know where'd I'd be without music
  8. Pink Floyd's - Shine on You Crazy Diamond, and many more ....

    Stay High
  9. a few have, but never really reached inside me and shown me a light as that song seemed too, i was baked lol
  10. Poolshark by sublime about bradleys heroin addiction touches me ever time i listen to it.
  11. ooo yes, many many songs do!! alot of songs do. too many!!!!
  12. Pink Floyd - the great gig in the sky

    that song shakes my soul
  13. Modest Mouse - Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset.

    Lots of the parts of that song remind me of myself. Theres tons more, but thats just whats sticking out right now.
  14. so much pink floyd

    metallica- 'one' especially.

    so much modest mouse

    and so much more
  15. moby - my weakness

    'tis beautiful !
  16. i associate songs with different times in my life, like 311, anything before "from chaos" is soooo high school/jr. high. i hear it and images of friday afternoons at sonic imdeiately come to mind. for a song to "touch my soul" i have to understand what the person is trying to say with the song...but then again there are certain melodies that make me cry when i hear them and that's completely from my taste in music and what those sounds make me think of.
  17. Jimmy Buffett - Banana Wind (even without words)
    Thursday - This Side of Brightness
    Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry
  18. Jimi Hendrix I dont live today is pretty deep. And theres one line in there, where it says "I wish youd hurry up and rescue me, so i can be on my miserable way", least thats what it says in the lyrics. But when i listen to it (speciially lit) i dont hear rescue, i hear execute, which makes it like 10 times more a powerful line. Cuz like, he just wants to die, so he can get on with his, well, life, for lack of a better word. See thats pretty rough. But with rescue its almost as deep but not quite, because its like, you can "save" me but im still gonna have a shitty life, ya know? yeah but what i hear is better than what it says i should hear.

    Oh yeah and i like it cuz sometimes i feel like damn, someone just get me past this shit so i can get going and get started on the next shitty thing coming my way.

    Yeah cuzl ifes good
  19. Parabol & Parabola by Tool. (It's the same song divided into 2 parts) that song is so emotional for me. I feel completely at peace while and after listening to it. Tool is just awesome!
  20. The Pixies- Tame

    Impossible not to be sucked into that song...

    Modest Mouse - Whenever I breathe out, you breathe in (Positive negative) ... This song just reminds me a lot about how I have felt in the past.

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