Has A Chick Ever Wanted You To Abuse Her?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Black_Chamber, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. if so, did you oblige?

    this chick carol (or cheryl, I honestly don't think she knew) would always want me to choke her until she passed out; then she'd wake up and down a whole jar of rubber cement

    crazy shit, I miss her :smoking:
  2. one time this girl told me to punch her on her liver while i was doing doggy style. It didnt go too well =/
  3. You've been watching too much Archer, if there is such a thing
  4. what the fuck?

    my ex wanted me to choke her and be rough with her during sex, but if your bitch is chugging rubber cement after passing out from sexual asphyxiation, she's clearly done it accidentally too many times as a child
  5. Unfortunately no, but i never let that stop me.
  6. I don't want to imagine what her shits are like
  7. well when i get her in doggy she says hit me and i know its on xD
  8. Lol if she gave me the go I'd go to town on her ass
  9. this guy gets it
  10. hahahaha fuck, man.

    this has to be an Archer reference.
  11. Lol just about to watch archer and I see this. She's a crazy bitch, fucking Pam would probably be safer.
  12. not so much abuse, but i do like my boyfriend to smack me, whip me and choke me
  13. [quote name='"Johnnysganja"']So what you are saying is men who put rubber fist in my kanooche were homosexuals?[/quote]

    He says anus but pronounces it a noose
  14. I will choke the vagina that has poisoned my city!
  15. hell naw, she might call the police or something when she gets mad

    any girl wants some action like that I would have to tell her

    "Trick find another lane, I'm about love, not choking a broad out til she taps"
  16. Your a good gf. If you two ever break up look for me in the city;)
  17. This girl I banged a month ago wanted me to choke her and pull her hair during. I obliged :)
  18. I've had girls that like to be choked, slapped, held down, tied up, etc.

    But this bitch downs rubber cement?!
    She takes the whole goddamn crazy cake:eek::bolt:
  19. These girls are living out rape fantasies, and then when it really happens to them they cry that they're scarred.

    Stupid whores.

  20. Uh...ever know anyone thats actually been raped?
    With blatant ignorance like that I'd sure hope not..

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