Has a Celebirty ever tweeted you?

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  1. My favorite athlete just tweeted me and nothing is going to wipe the smile off of my face for a long time so the question is pretty simple, Has a celebirty ever tweeted you?​

  2. twitter is really really gay

    as to answer your question, no, michael j fox doesn't strike me like the kinda guy who's good with a keyboard....
  3. I've talked to celebrities but never tweeted with any of them.
  4. i tweeted with slegerin (wiz khalifa producer) and bomani jones from around the horn. twitter is fucking amazing and that dude hating on it is a #lame
  5. Jesus twittered me once. That was a defining moment in my young life.

    Now I spend my nights with booze and cheap floozies.
  6. I tweeted with Hitler back in the days. Gave him his glorious idea. :rolleyes:

    But I don't want to take all the credit
  7. Oh come now. You're just being modest.

  8. Miranda Cosgrove tweeted me a little over a year ago because i knew her friend.
  9. <--- Too cool for Twitter.
  10. Adrian Peterson follows my friends sister, Evan turner follows my friend, I've gotten a retweet by sportscenter before.
  11. I'm going to play Ochocinco in FIFA. Pretty much the only thing I use twitter for. Will report back when it happens.
  12. Not on the Twitter but met a few celebrities. Vince Vaughn is a d-bag in person and also dresses like a bum. Played roulette with Vanessa Minnillo in Vegas. She was kind of tanked but definitely way hotter in person.
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    You could've had fun with that
  14. I just follow the people I enjoy, ones who actually talk about something good.
    Mostly, just finding websites, pics, or random facts of information.
    Deffinately don't over-use it though, then it gets way to repetitive.
  15. Kanye West, Obama, Angelina Jolee, and Drake.

    No those people didn't tweet me, I was just listing celebrities who would maybe tweet me if I used/didn't hate twitter
  16. I got one from blake anderson from workaholics because I said he looked like william murderface.
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    That's awesome, I love that show
  18. Ryan Williams....
  19. I don't care for celebs.

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