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  1. what is the absolute earliest you can harvest a plant (41 days into flowering now), if 1 has white hairs all over it bud the buds are still small can it be cut dried and smoked.
  2. I would haverst when 50 to 75% of the white hairs turn orange
  3. yeah if all your hairs are sill white, that plant doesn't have nearly as much THC as it would if you wait until the correct time to harvest.
  4. id wait that long if i could but i have someone moving in on jun 10th and have to get rid of it before that. would it just be better to throw it away and start again when i can or will i be able to get anything out of them at this point in time?
  5. bud is bud. i would still cut it and smoke it, though it would be best to let it go.
  6. I'd wait until the night of the 9th then chop 'em. And sense that's the case, you should start flushing out your pots so your premature bud won't taste foul.

    Sucks you have to harvest early, but eh, stuff happens. Good luck.
  7. good news i hope, talked a friend into finishing it at his house just got to give him some and thorw him a few bucks for electricty. I think ill try to set up a stealth grow here for next time and hey i still have a few days to try to find a good place to put it:smoking:
  8. Check out my signature, depends on what you are looking for in your buzz!


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