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  1. My plant is still around a month away from being ready to harvest (I think) but I have been reading some stuff about the times to harvest, Like if you harvest when around 30% of the "crystals" turn amberish it will be more of an up high and if you harvest at 80% it will be more stoney.... So I was just wondering if anyone had some insight into what harvesting at different times does.
  2. You've got it . The more milky, the more head-high the smoke will be (to a point). The more amber, the more stony the high will be (again, to a point). Even the most milky-ily harvested indica is still going to pale in comparison to even the most amber-ily harvested sativa, however. And be careful - if you wait too long, or harvest too early, you miss the peak potency and can totally fuck yourself over. Metaphorically.
  3. ^ Cool, thank you.

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