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Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Bakaked, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. I started a few plants a while back out of some bagseed. All but one have either perished or turned out male. I just wanted to learn how to grow (I do have some BOMB ASS seeds that i'll be starting in a few weeks).

    Now, my one female, my baby... She's been flowering for about a month to two (I kind of lose track). I read the grow guide and now i'm getting ready to harvest. Right now she's got lots and lots of nice white hairs, lots of nice leaves. Just a really healthy looking plant (I think I caught on to the growing thing quick, with the help of these forums and a lot of reading). A few of the hairs are beginning to turn a browish red color so here's my question(s)...

    "Don't harvest too late! It's easy to be too careful and harvest late enough potency has declined. Watch the plants and learn to spot peak floral potency."

    Could anyone give me some better views as to when too late is? Do I harvest as soon as all the hairs change colour? Will all the hairs be completely brown at the same time/roughly the same time? Is it possible that one part of the plant will mature faster than another (Which would make some bud on the plant more potent than others) ?

    "Slow cure hanging buds upside down in a ventilated space. That is all that is needed to have great sensi. Drying in a paper bag works too, and may be much more convenient. Bud tastes great when slow dried over the course of a week or two."

    Is there any worry about the buds getting too dry after 2 weeks? I only have one plant and it's my first so i'd like to get a nice bag of nugs to show off... I don't want them to be dry and kifey (I don't know what you guys might call it but i'm sure you get the idea)

    I'd be grateful if anyone would please enlighten me (Don't be afraid to make a nice long post that is very detailed. I'll read it all and i'll be one happy mother******)

  2. It's grown in my window... I know I should have more light but I can't afford and if you ask me my plant turned out pretty nice anyway... Thanks eh
  3. It's too late when the darker pistils start receding back into the plant. Sounds like yours is almost ready for the axe, but a picture would help out the most!

    Most of the time the whole entire plant won't be ready at the same time. You'll notice that the upper growth seems ready to cut while the bottom is still white. You've got two choices...cut each stalk as it matures, or chop it all down at once when 60-80% of the trichomes have changed color. I'd choose the ladder because it allows the plant to dry out completely and equally. Now it's time for some manicuring...cut off all the fan leaves and bigger leaves and hang the plant upside down in a dark, dry area..preferably a closet...the dryer the better for the curing process. After a couple days the outer leaves will be dry and crisp to touch. In a few more days go in an squeeze some buds to see how moist they still feel...this may take up to a week. The plant's dried out when the stem snaps instead of bends. Since you don't want your buds to become too dry then put them in airtight jars instead of going to the paper bags.
  4. Your getting good advice Ill throw in my 2 cents, Ive been told that harvesting timing and proper curing can be an art form but Im just happy to have smokeable buds!!
    Heres my newb breakdown.....

    Harvest plant when 70-75% of hairs turn color.

    I put my buds on cookie sheets and turn everyday, store in a cool dark place.

    I "test" them at about 2 weeks if they burn and leave a white ash there ready.

    I put them in a airtight container BUT if you do this keep an eye on them if it starts feeling a little moist leave the lid off for awhile.

    I cure them this way to find a balance between stuff that is to dry and to moist.

    Just right............
  5. Thanks for the help lads... I just got a webcam! So i'm gonna post some pics in the grow journal thing
  6. Hi gentle men and I use the term loosey.

    Is this process pretty much the same when harvesting seeded buds? I know that you have to harvest the plant when you start to see the seed "shell out". Other than that I am at an impass.

    Is it nescessary to dry the bud to get the seeds though? Or can one just plant the seed right away. I Probably will trash the surrounding bud/plant.

    Any additional enlightment would be greatly obliged.


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