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  1. we started flowering this plant a while ago but lost track of when we started flowering it. can anyone take a look at these pics and tell me approximately how long she has left. i'm guessing that we started flowering 6 to 7 weeks ago[​IMG]


  2. looks rdy
  3. Looks like it might be ready to chop. Only true way to tell is to check the trichomes.

    Really nice looking buds btw. What kind of lights you got?
  4. This plant was done under CFL from birth to death.
  5. dont fret bro- you shouldnt harvest by calender alone. the plants are ready when they are ready. the way I always do, tried and true- the trichome technique. you have to get a 8X or 10X magnifying glass, and look at the development of the trichomes - first the head grows out, elongating the stem, then the stem and head fatten up and are crystal clear, then they start turning slightly cloudy. this is technically when delta-9 THC is most potent in the buds. also the high will be very cerebral most likely and very powerful& quick.

    then after the heads have turned cloudy, they should start turning more amber colored. people say THC is degrating at this point, which is somewhat true. reason I say that is it tends to increase the concentration of secondary cannabinoids, CBN, CBD, etc. which will give you a more physical high( indica-ish). you should be harvesting when the trichomes at max are like 25% ambered , because they will continue to amber when they dry & cure.

    not that anyone would wait this long, but if you carry the amber coloring out too long, it starts to knock off the trichome heads, and the plants on its way to dieing.

    so I guess get a magnifiying glass and start monitoring those trichomes man, and choose which type of high& how patient you want to be for good herb man, so its all in your hands. good luck
  6. Nice, I hope my CFL's churn out some buds like that.

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