Harvesting Top Buds First.

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  1. I wasnt able to find anything directly when searching, but I know people do cut off the top buds when they are ready so the lower branches get more light. I think my top bud is just about ready and wasnt sure exactly the method to cut it off without doing damage to the plant. I ordered a microscope but it hasnt came in yet unfortunately, but the hairs on the top buds are browning nicely. It will be 60 days of flowering on saturday, so should i wait? The bottom buds are definately not ready yet.

  2. The pistils aren't the best way to determine ripeness.

    Since you don't have a scope yet, I'd suggest looking for any NEW growth at the top of the buds. If you have little/no new growth but your buds are swelling, then you're just about ready to harvest. If you've still got some small/new buds up top, then wait a little while.

    8.5 weeks (60 days) is a good time to harvest anyway, though, if you don't have a scope. Either wait for the scope or chop 'em now, I guess.

    Also, if you have a Sativa-dominant strain, you should wait til you have the scope...if it's an Indica-dominant, the time is probably right :)
  3. I like to harvest the tops first, it does open the plant up for more light to reach the lowers. Also the plant still has a very intact root system that now has half the load. I have even staged harvest in three's, this can be good when you haev a lot to harvest and no help. If your indoors there may be concern about harvesting it right at that peak moment. The reason being that your paying alot of money to light that thing every day. If its an outdoor plant you you get away with delaying harvest for awhile. If you harvest after the plant is way over rip there may be a slight degrade in THC but the CBD (and friends) will be very much intact. The result is not the end of the world by any means it just can change the high, makeing it more narcotic and balmy than cerebral. As far as a microscope goes.. lol give me a break, I haev used jewelers loops in the past but the best advice I can give is let it go another week after you think its ready.
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  4. This may be a dumb question, But if the trichomes look right according to the microscope reading are they definately ready to pluck? Or can buds with the proper trichome consistency still get bigger? Also this morning one side branch with a nice size bud bent over but didn't break off. I taped it up and used a stake to support it. This happened after giving my plants an extra two hours of dark for the first time
  5. Yeah if the Trich's are ripe then the plant is guaranteed to be ready. Bud's may still get bigger after this point but THC begins to degrade and the hair's will start falling out of the buds. Sounds like you did the right thing tying the branch up, I'm not sure if you are asking if it's going to stress the plant or what but if that is what your asking it will be fine as long as it's not broken! Good luck!
  6. Typically instead of harvesting the top bud first, i bend (not break, but damn near, almost as if you were LSTing) the main branch over and lower the light. Then I harvest all of it in another week. This also sends a shock to the plant and helps is in the maturing phase of the bud IMHO, telling it that it is the end of the season.
  7. Don Piano.. Your  1 week layover to harvest the rest of the crop line is the first time I've seen anyone put an amount of time to continually grow after the initial top bud harvest.. although i have a fellow botanist who says 3 or 4 days, although 1 week sounds legit.
    Its such a specific thing that it doesnt'get allot of threads :)
    I am curious though.. how long CAN you continue growing effectively as far as the 2nd harvest is concerned?? 
    I feel like you could harvest the top layer, and probably let the bottom layer grow for another 10 days .. or more.. but i have no data to back it up.. 
  8. when trichomes are changing their color into something reddish or brownish (about 50%), then you can already begin harvesting the buds.. the buds will become heavier if you let it stay for a week or a couple of weeks but remember that if you let them stay longer in flowering, the buds will slowly loose some potency and THC will degrade
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    I religiously practice this especially outdoors with the giants, it eases the harvest, and you get more way better yields. And with the change in cannabinoids you can get different highs out of the same strain, which helps control growing tolerances.**Knives heated dull Orange Release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high**
  10. I know this is an older post but I too am interested and need some advice on harvesting my girls in sections and at separate times.
  11. If you don't have a scope, do what the native American indians did back in the day. They picked a bud, dried it out and smoked it. If it got them high, it was ready.
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    I dig that way of doing it! I tested some of my buds this run (first grow) and they were excellent.
    That's why I went and chopped one of my flowered plants in half (basically removed the entire spear leading to the top cola). The main cola was already finished and I was afraid of my thc degrading. I will let you guys know how she does. I did this so the lower branches buds will grow. I'll keep you guys updated!
  13. any update on this?

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    Yup, check out the recent pics in my gallery!
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