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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ashrog, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Hi fellow growers. Im on my first plant and its ready (almost )to be harvested. i could just do with a few tips on how to do this, ie where to cut how to cut, then what???

    i will be grateful of any reply x
  2. hey man im not to good with all that shit im actually on my first plant too...
    not quite ready to harvest yet
    but i actually had a few questions for you...
    first off where ya from, how long did it take ur plant to produce bud...were u growing indoor/outdoor ?
    did u use ne fertz?
    and what kind of weed is it?

    if u could help me out thatd be great

    blaze on
  3. Hi ashrog welcome yo the city.
    here you go http://www.overgrow.com/article/15/4.
    that should help you.

    well where it ses location and ash has put hers. is where shes from and i would say its an indoor grow unless ash has managed to grow mj outdoors in the uk in winter.

    laters jay.
  4. Hey yeah, im from leicester and im female! it is a indoor plant and almost as tall as me 5ft! being my first plant its seems to be taken ages, it was a birthday present in december for me! when it was 4ft in feb we took a cutting and put it into flowering and bobs your uncle, buds galore. i think i have magic powers because i have used two 60watt lamps and no fertilizer and they are huge healthy and sticky.

    i know we need to wait for the buds to turn amber then we cut them but dont know how!
  5. leicestershire UK
  6. im sorry ash for calling you a guy.
    that link i gave you should have everything you need.
    good grow well done.
    laters jay.

  7. howdy neighbour.

    you can cut the plant off at the base, cut off all the big fan leaves, hang it up like your washing till dry, trim the bud leaves off then cure it, savin the trim for makin hash or butter.

    or cut the buds off the branch,(leave a bit of stem on it) trim off all the leaf, lay out sum newspaper, spread the buds on the paper, cover with 2nd sheet of paper, turn buds once or twice a day till dry. bud is dry when stem snaps rather then twists or bends.

    put some trimed buds in a paper bag. open bag once or twice a day and have a look at the bud, repeat till dry.

    oh and some of the links on here mite be of use. use the search at the top of the page for more info on what you neeed to know or ask here.

  8. Thanks Jay, sorry didnt see the link the first time!!
  9. THANKS THUG i will keep you all informed!!
  10. HAHA bless ya, thanks. How come it says i have 6 new private messages when iv only got three?
  11. since you logged on you have 6 new, 3 you have read 3 you havent.

    i think.
  12. i dont understand the pm system either.ive had mes and it ses i got none and it reckons i had 23 and i havent.
  13. haha so your not as popular as u thought then?? can you post pics of plants on here?? xx
  14. of course you can, in the picture forum..........ps, i cut at the base, and hang upside down, for approx 2 weeks, in the darkness of a wardrobe, room temp, and then cure then in a stainless airtight jar, opening twice a day for as many weeks as needed for taste..........Peace out.......Sid

    just like Thug said above really........unless i see the possibility of the lower bud sites developing to increse yield, i'd just cut the buds off when ready and let the bottom half finish off...............
  15. whats this curing lark all about??
  16. Hi ash
    after you buds are dry you have to cure them.so they taste nice and sweet when you smoke them.
    once your buds are dry you can put them in a large jam jar or in a plastic sealable contaner open them for 30 mins to an hour for approx 5 days(untill they have dried out completly).then you should seal and leave aslong as you can your suposed to leave them for a couple of months(mine dont make it that long normaly).this way i find my buds get better as i smoke them.

    laters jay.
  17. thank you kindly!!

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