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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by denervation, May 8, 2001.

  1. my plant is now 8 weeks of flowering , the top bud is more than one foot and 20% of the pistils turned orange , the buds are swollen and covered with cristals . Early harvesting produced an rich THC concentration and late more CBD and CHD . I ame not interrested in amount because my plant is so huge I ill have enough for some years . Waiting more time will probably give bigger budds but wat about the THC concentration ? still
    rising ? :confused:
    plant is Khola strain ( look at picture forum )
  2. If you are concerned about thc count you should NOT harvest with only 20% of the hairs brown, wait untill 75% are brown, the best way of telling best time to harvest is by getting a magnifier glass and look @ the glands if they look like a mushroom and about to explode with a neon green color then the thc is @ its highest peak of potency.

    as far as your plant looking huge well, looks can be very deceiving, I have had plants that I thought for sure I would get 3-4 perfectly cure nugs out of and after chopping it and taking all the crap matter off i ended up with about half of what i thought i would get.
    good luck.

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