Harvesting pure CBD plants

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Green Dragging, Oct 13, 2022.

  1. Hi yall,
    This is my first time growing CBD plants. Do we harvest like THC plants? My cbd tricomes are all white and pistols are all white too,unlike THC plant with red hairs. What are the visual differences ?

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  2. yes sir, at least i do :) good job with the medicine production !!!
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  3. Thnx trojangrower, so the pistols don't change color?
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  4. yes the pistils change color. I found this for you:

    Now this is from a specific cut that was cloned (G159), so numbers may not be the same for your strain, but you will notice that there is an increase in a) mean cannabinoids (ie. all cannabinoids), and b) CBD as a % of total cannabinoids as time progressed into the 10th week of flowering. I do not know if the first two weeks of transition (when 12/12 DLI was introduced) was considered flowering period, but either way, an 8 - 10 week flowering period is recommended (from this data).

    I would treat your plants like ordinary cannabis; harvest when she looks ready (30-40% amber trichome as a guideline, mostly red hairs, etc).
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  5. Thnx,I'll be saving the chart, I have a couple weeks for these plants.
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