Harvesting Problems

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by ketchup blunt, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Hey guys well I decided that it was time to harvest and while doing so i noticed a couple things that didn't look that nice. First off i should mention that my babies were infested with thrips and spidermites which i tried to tackle with neem. Anyway the plants leaves were so messed up from the bugs that they just looked like crap. The buds on the other hand don't look bad at all apart from a couple spider webs from the mites here and there. The thing i'm concerned about is at the bottom of the plants there are a lot of dead little leaves and when you touch them to take them off this powdery stuff floats in the air. i'm really hoping this isn't something serious. any help would be appreciated. thanks alot p.s. sorry i don't have any pics
  2. sounds like budrot, does it look greyish like mouse fur.
  3. Hey GG umm no it doesn't look like mouse fur. and its not on any of the buds just the leaves. but the leaves that have it did turn sort of greyish. i just figured that it was from the bugs. but if it is bud rot what can i do to save my harvest cuz they're all harvested and drying now.
  4. hard to tell man without seeing them but just be safe, keep a breeze on them

    my fingers are crossed for you

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