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harvesting liquid resin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tonydiamond305, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. the resin on my chillum has built up pretty nice but the only problem is that its like oil, how do i harvest this? I have a homemade poker that i used to get out all the solid resin all i got was about the size of a BB the rest is liquid help i have no bud!
  2. What I would do is to smoke it straight out of the chillum...Dont even bother taking that messy, sticky shit out...
  3. res hit that shit..
    you cant get it out with a paperclip? even if its liquidy it should still come out easy..specially in a chillum just slide it in circles

    if you really wanna clean it and smoke it then fill it with warm water cover the holes with your fingers and shake it for a lil bit, then pour the water out and it should be a lot easier to scrape, makes the res all clump together inside
  4. tryed the water the res came off much easier but still very gooey to gooey to put on the little ball i made it just comes of cuz its still so liquid i put it in the freezer ima wait a couple more min maybe 15 20 min then ima see if the liquid is hard enough to ball up!
  5. thats not really necessary

    use a flat piece of cardboard or a playin card or any such thing
    and wipe it all off in little clumps next to each other
    then once its all on there pick it all up at once and wipe it on a nug or somethin..i guess the freezer idea might help though
  6. damn im an idiot i shoulda thought of a playing card thanks man
  7. soak the whole thing in alcohol (the resin will dissolve) and then take the chillum out and wait for the alcohol to evaporate... butane would actually work best cause it evaporates so damn fast.

    then you'll just be left with the resin
  8. ya, i did this today

    put some alcohol in my pipe, plugged the holes, let it soke, poured it out, repeat, then after 3-4 times i shaked it, did that a couple times, now all the resin-y alc is outside 'vaporating, and my pipe is still soking to get it all nice and clean, hasnt been clean since i bought it 7 months ago
  9. shoulda took pictures and made a tut
  10. what kinda alcohol are you using?
  11. 71% or some shit, i think its been out there for almost an hour and a half, prolly got another 30-45 mins, looks thick and yummy :)
  12. why is this in seasoned tokers
  13. Because seasoned tokers have the best ideas

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