Harvesting in Sections

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  1. Can someone who has done it PLEASE explain to me how to harvest in sections (harvesting one branch at a time) I have a 5 foot plant and every cola seems to be at different stages of budding....some are much more mature than others so i think i will have to harvest in sections...someone please help thanks
  2. bump. this is a good question. im also curious. Anyone know?
  3. Trying to make it hard?? Just harvest as they become ready.

  4. ya but can i like cut a whole cola off when its ripe and leave the others to ripen up more? or would cutting off a main cola kill the rest of the plant?? Hasn't anyone done this or what?
  5. Cutting a branch will not kill or harm the plant. I usually cut my main cola(s) as they mature first and are at the top of the plant. Doing this allows massive amounts of light into the buds below that were always getting shaded out by the top colas. Which in turn packs on some extra weight and helps rippen the lower branches.

    If your dealing with a large plant or garden this will help you not be overburdened with trimming.
  6. I bend my ladies over, all the branches try to make like the main cola, so I chop the whole plant down - TIMBERRR..... And hang her up in a shed to dry.
  7. I tryd to harvest in sections. New growth shot up right away and but the buds I didn't harvest became all moldy b4 they ripened.
  8. It's called staggered harvest. Listen, does anyone use the search feature @ GC? All I am seeing lately are threads that I honestly can remember seeing just a week ago...lol

    I'm not trying to sound like all the people I hated hearing when I was new to growing, but damn.

    So, now that we are past my ranting, the answer is Yes! this is the tried and true method for getting a completely matured harvest. READ READ READ, research research research and when you've exhausted all sources without an answer to be found then post threads like this:D
  9. Not nearly enough, IMHO. I try to help people, that is why I have links to some FAQs in my sig. But we can´t reinvent the wheel for every newbie who wants to know what lights to use, or any other question that has been asked a thousand times.

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