Harvesting fractions of a grow at different times.

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  1. As i am ending my first grow, I'm getting more and more excited to taste that beautifully smelling budded:smoke: . Ive done a lot of reading over the time that its taken me to grow this bud to near completion.. nearly 12 weeks, tomorrow marks day 55 of flower. I've learned so much! and a lot of it is thanks to you folks here on GC :)!

    Some background info on what I've been doing: Orange kush from bag seed (flowering time recommended 55-60 days from what I've read online), i had a white widow but it unfortunately turned out to be a male (best genetics in that plant I've ever seen!) 400+ watts of light and fair nutrients.

    In my readings I've come across a lot of debate on when to harvest. The most common thing I'm reading is "80% cloudy" trichomes. But there the subject dives deeper into personalizing your bud to find the right high that suits you.
    Correct me if i am wrong, at one end of the spectrum we have the lighter head high yielded from mostly cloudy and some clear.
    And at the other end the couch lock yielded from the breakdown of THC to CBD when trichomes turn from cloudy to amber.
    And finally the spoiled bud that comes from after amber when the little heads of the trichomes fall off.

    To the point, this is my first grow, why not harvest parts of my plant at different times? i have 4 main colas on my lovely lady. I'm thinking harvest 1 cola every 2 days, labelling and see what happens when smoked. Then determine which is my favourite high. Obviously i won't be growing the same strain over and over but hey it'll give me a good idea of what i like.

    If this idea is absurd, or it will cause my plant too much shock PLEASE let me know asap, I'm planning on this starting tomorrow. Otherwise all your input and comments are welcome!


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