harvesting early?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by namron_420s, Oct 10, 2002.

  1. does this make for shitty weed..or just not maximum yeild?
  2. bit of both, obviously the yield will be down, the taste may also be harsh, however if you take care to dry properly and cure, then the bud will generally be fine, in fact you may not notice any difference, however if you cut early and then attempt to force dry (oven/mic etc) then you will get shitty tasting weed, and a bad cough!
  3. super much thanks :D

    quick replies are always good too:smoking:
  4. Listen to mcurry. Good advice!
  5. either of ya got any tips for dry/curing?
  6. Dry it naturally if you can. Put it in a warm dry place and let it dry for a couple of weeks. Remember the hotter it is the less time it will take.

    If this is not an option, You may want to dry under low wattage lights!
  7. well..i went out today and about 50% were turning brown...and now i have them hanging in the attic..sound good?
  8. yeah, i know that, hence the "harvesting early" title...
    anywho..the attic thing sound good?
  9. nope..no mites ants or bugs...bout how long should it take..a couple weeks?

    and whats the biggest difference between simply drying..and curing?
  10. Drying and curing are two different issues...

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