harvesting early hows the head high?

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  1. i might have to harvest early (35 days into flowering) and just want to know how the head high feels and how long it lasts???

    anyone with past/current experiences drop a post.
  2. Harvesting at 35 days is way early, so the usual rules about harvesting on the early or late side don't really apply.

    To your question generally, within the mature harvest window, it depends on your strain. Harvesting earlier or later is a fine-tuning of the kind of high that the plant overall can deliver -- so, you won't get a sativa high out of an indica-dominant plant, but you can get it a little more to the head-high side than the body-stone side depending on when you harvest.

    How does a true sativa head-high feel? Giddy, really silly, prone to laughter, very creative and imaginative, great for deep thinking and ideation, potentially traces of psychedelic "tripping" (nothing like acid though), and on the downside potentially paranoia and strange emotions and mind-racing.

    Remember the scene in the movie Animal House when they get stoned with a professor played by Donald Sutherland, and they talk about how there could be an entire universe in a speck of dust under your fingernail, so that means that our entire universe could just be a speck of dust under some giant's fingernail? Perfect head-high moment.

  3. lol sounds like high school too me always laughing and then paranoid thinkin im gonna get caught lol
  4. Jesus, how true.......*lol* What a memory.
  5. You'd be doing yourself a great dis-service harvesting this early. I have made the "harvest early" mistake 3 times now. You wont get high, your bud will taste bad, etc.
  6. Great information as always!

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