Harvesting different strains at different times under the same scrog...

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  1. This is my first Hydro grow. My first beginner mistake was at the very get go.... I chose to grow 5 different strains (2 plants of each) under the same scrog. Everything is going very well.

    Im using a 3x3 flood and drain set up under a 1k hps in a 5x5 tent.

    Im in the beginning of week 8
    Ive got 2-8 week strains, 2-9 week strains and 1-10 week strain.

    I've grown in soil many times, but comparing the flowering cycle to Hydro is impossible (at least for me). The 8 weeks strains are definitely going to be ready to start flushing in the next 3-4 days. The 9 and 10 Weekers are right on track as well. All 10 plants are heavily scrogged which is now providing structural support for the very obese flowers.
    My dilemma is....
    How do I isolate the 4 plants that need flushing from the remainder that will Continue to be fed nutrients in a flood and drain table? Cut away scrog? I'm at a loss...
    Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. Pitchers bro
  3. An just have to flush. I use soil an I flush after each feeding

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