Harvesting at night? :

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  1. Well let me explain, I have a spot where in daytime we could have some issues, But at night it's def best time to do such. I really dont want no farmer busting my balls. But if not i will just have my partner fish and i'll cut em down and we bopth have walkie talkies, he watches to make sure noone drives down here and so we can safely put it in the trunk

    Would harvesting at night hurt my potency or yield? If not would very early in the morning be fine?

    cause at night we would have zero worries

    I just don't want to ruin my plants really, with all the crap this year, i really need some good tree :hello:

    I would like to know some answers, i searched and didnt find shit.

  2. not sure..but im staying tuned
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    nah harvesting at night won't do anything to the quality or quantity of buds.

    chop them when they are ready.. day or night!

    have fun & good luck man :)
  4. You have solved so much of my worry. Thanks brother

  5. What the other guy said, if they are done, they are done.

    Doesn't really matter what time it is when you harvest them, though if it's damp, you should make sure to get them somewhere dry right away. They would be a little more susceptible to mold if left to sit around on a cold damp night.

  6. also a good tip, thanks mate!

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