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  1. So i just harvested my 6 plants growing under my ramp in my garage. I didnt have much height to grow (only 3 feet) so the plants really werent taller than 15 inches. But i got just over an ounce from each. Total weight was 188g! This was my first grow so i am pretty impressed with the weight. I smoked some of it already, that had been curing for 3 days and the high is quite nice, mellow, but energetic and uppy. Smoke is smooth, but the smell is not that great, maybe it will get better with more curing.
    I also just wanted to thank grasscity and everyone on here who helped me do this!, i really couldnt have done it without you guys. Thanks, Ibowl

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  2. fuckin bad ass man
  3. shit dude thats a fat blunt
  4. That blunt is like perfect!

    Did you roll it?
  5. Good work man.... Good luck on your next grow! :hello:
  6. that bud looks delicious.

    congrats on an awesome first grow.

    +rep for pulling 6.7 ounces from under a skate ramp in your garage.
  7. Wow dude..im jealous.+rep
  8. Awesome. Nice blunt too.
  9. Nice harvest...fucking juicy looking blunt too.REP+
  10. ya spliff i rolled it, thanks for the reps and comments guys! I wish that i could get going on another grow but i dont have enough time before i go off to college. But i may try at college.
  11. Good Job. 6.7 ounces at my towns prices is $2680 that will sure help at collage.
  12. What lights did you use for them? did you do any training to them like topping or LST?
  13. what kind of light did you use?
  14. good times, indeed....:)
  15. Hey man. Ive been following ya grow for a while now and i must say i think it rocked. Congrats on the 188g of MJ ya got, let it dry an cure a bit and it will get so much better. Its a shame you gotta go college, get a grow going there will be hard man, security is the hardest thing! But if you can hide it from ya rents then im sure you can pull it off.
    Good luck man!
  16. Dude that is so awsome, 6.7 ounces! They look pretty dank too, and that blunt looks so tasty. Im jealous.
  17. good crop dude, i remember when you were first getting it all toghter, under your skating ramp. the next one will be better, the first grow is mainly a '' get the bugs out grow'',

    good luck on the next one!!!!!!!!!. and the one after that, and the next one e.t.c. !!!!:hello:

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