Harvested, plant dried in 1 day.

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  1. So I just dried my very first plant ever and got some questions. It doesnt have any weed smell to it at all and smells more fruity and earthy. It got really dry fast because I had it drying in 90°f weather. My plans rn are to put it in a jar with a humidity pack to cure. Hopefully its still smokable, im afraid I dried it out to much. 20190712_125036.jpg 20190712_125036.jpg 20190713_141521.jpg

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  2. The true smell doesn't really come until 2-3 weeks of curing, might be a little harsh smoking wise but will do the job none the less
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  3. So if I keep it in a jar with a 8 gram 62% humidity pack for a few weeks it should be good?
  4. Should be fine, my last harvest dried out in 3 days and after cure was still fire nice smooth and flavorful
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  5. May I ask how you cure yours? The way I learned is the easiest is to dry the bud to around %50 then pop it in a jar with a boveda or boost humidy pack and the process is done. No burping needed.
  6. You need to burp at the start to get rid of the stale air, once the curing process is done air becomes the enemy of the flower & it will last longer as it is sealed air tight. If you have many glass jars, only open the one that your getting your buds from, and dont open the others till when needed.
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  7. Personally I let hang dry until almost fully dry but while stems are still bendy i trim and jar without humidity pack at first and burp jars 3 times a day for 20 mins each time for 3 weeks, i keep a mini hydgrometer in each jar so the guess work is taken out of humidity inside jar once it reaches 62% thats when i throw in humidity pack
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  9. Doubtful its dry. You better hope it's not.
  10. Outer bud is dry but inner bud is soft.
  11. This is what it looks like rn. Smells sweet and earthy with a vague hint of skunk.

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  12. That's normal. It doesn't mean its dry. Be careful bud, you don't want mold

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