harvested my 12/12 grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jvjr408, May 10, 2010.

  1. what you guys think?

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  2. nice dude
    i need more info tho
    u did 12/12 .. from seed im guessing by your yield..

    what lights ?
    total wattage ?
    how many plants under the lights?

    nice buds tho mayn !
  3. The top cola looks awesome :smoking:
  4. awesome man, looks nice!

    now i've got to know what kind of lighting you used... currently germinating some seeds for my first 12/12 from seed test run, so it's exciting to see a nice lil harvest like yours!
  5. i used 150 watt sun system light and one plant no nutes and and i wass alway messing up the light cycle lol and i never tested the water ph or soil ph it was my first grow next time ima do 2 with nutes and all the good stuff
  6. well congrats at least you have some bud to cure and smoke my friend. You could have walked away empty handed.
  7. yeah im happy with it

  8. The strain is blue
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    How long from seed to harvest?
  10. Looks nice! Update us on the weight when you finish drying.
  11. yeah i will how much does it look like?
  12. I'd do more plants,or veg alil longer next time.First harvest def good feeling,accomplishment.congrats. Now go nuts:D

  13. his may have been a stealthy type grow, maybe in his parents house, or in a dorm room or something like that .. where he didnt want anymore than 1 plant, or he didnt have room / $$$ for lighting ect for anymore plants..
  14. growing was thrown at me my father in law just said here grow this so i just put things together real quick im germing two seeds now one casey jones and one lavender going to be under the 150 hps im thinkg 10 gallon pots with FFOF soil and nutes
  15. Way to go dude first is always the best! Now the fun starts.. Keep us posted on the next batch

    besta luck!

  16. first 2 pics make them look small. The one by the bottle looks big and yummy! I can see you getting addicted to this hobby.
  17. he said he didnt even use nutes... this is AMAZING lol
  18. next time use an 18/6 during the veg phase and a 12/12 for the harvest. but nice first time harvest man!

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