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  1. So I decided to harvest (see thread: http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=91376)

    I got a pic of all of the buds (un-manicured) to show you.

    After this I pic I used another, larger box and spread them out a bit better.

    Tbh, I am pleased with the yield, I have got at least 150 euros (200 dollars) of weed there for free so it's all good :smoke:

    I'll get some more pics when it is all dried and manicured.

    Looks like some dankish shit to me though, I'm oven drying a few grams tonight to make either a blunt or a fat ass joint with :D :smoking:

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  2. i'm suprised you harvested that plant i truely belive you should have waited

  3. As I posted in the other thread -

  4. Nice harvest mate +rep on you.

    By the way, Im high .. just in case.:smoke: ..hmmm feels so good
  5. yes I already read that but its your plant......
  6. honestly you should have waited another 3 weeks atleast. you sacrificed a lot there.. not a smart move... but enjoy it nonetheless I guess.
  7. Man, all I sacrificed is maybe the same amount of bud again, as I said I have 3 more plants (one of them about to start flowering).

    I am not a dealer, I am not even an everyday smoker so the amount of weed that I have got it cool with me.

    I will let my next 3 plants fully mature before harvesting them though, I just needed some free weed and quick ;)
  8. true, but the weed would have become alot stronger in the last couple of weeks. i harvested my plant at 43 days. and its just about ready. even a day or so earlier i believe it would have been too weak, but i hope its ood for you anyway!
    Just Blaze It.....
  9. ...Doesnt pre-mature weed taste more harsh?
  10. I dunno why people are getting on you for not waiting a couple more weeks...doesn't harvesting earlier(like when 50-60% of trichromes are cloudy) give a different kind of effect to the high? although I'm sure you've already though of this, but if you have more of the same strain growing, you should let the next plants fully mature then compare and contrast highs. Props on the harvest.

    P.S. How do you oven dry? o_O;
  11. i'm not getting on him.... just sayin those buds are so small ....

    2packed..... got any manicured pics of those buds without the leaves?
  12. I will manicure them when they are dry ;)

    I have another plant that has started flowering now so let's wait and see :D

  13. I love nipping little bits off early.. the highs fuckin amazing but you loose so much weight
  14. it's much easier to snip off those water leaves now, before they shrivel up. It also helps your curing time and reduces chances of rot/mold.

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