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    Alrite Im D-O-N-E, done. Finally. I had 5 Querkle and 4 Sweet Tooth plants. Since I was smoking them while they were drying I didnt get an exact dry wieght but I know it was only a little over a quarter pound. Anyway, there was more red hairs than usual on the Querkle. I mean A LOT of dark amber (not orange) hairs. It looks strange and it doesnt quite hit the lungs... the hits are very light and airy.
    Why would this be?

    P.S. All my bud had lots of THC and all the nugs were dense. And Im glad.
  2. Could be the strain (sativa) or too much heat during flowering.
  3. sounds like you let it go too long...
  4. Hate to say it, but I did overheat my girls during flowering by putting my 600wat HPS like 16-18in away from them. Haha I really hoped someone would gimme a different answer haha. Anyone know if overheating can effect the taste of the bud?
  5. Does what I described tend to happen if you let em go too long? because I also let them go about a week longer than the catalog said.
  6. It sounds like grower's remorse to me. I would be satisfied with a qp of weed that got me high. Sorry for your bad time.

  7. Never use what the catalog suggests as a milestone. These times that they provide are given when the plants are grown at optimum levels which your average "Joe Blo" grower just cant achieve.

    The average grower can add at least two weeks to the flowering times the seed banks suggest. If you finished a week later then their recomended, i would say you pulled early!!!!!!

    Only you will know if you think your grow was up to speed with what the pro's do at the banks

  8. Yes, harvesting early will also make they fluffy cause they put on most of their weight the last two weeks. OP did mention lots of red hairs. But you should have went by trichs.
  9. Real talk, but I didnt have the right magnifying glass. thanks for all the input!!! I will put it to good use
  10. When I was first starting to grow I also had this problem...my buds were light and airy...this is likely a result of too high temp during budding...you need 68F for great results...I like to use bood blood in hydro but you can use molasses during budding...good luck! :smoking:

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    Im not sure if it causes what your describing im just throwing that out there because DARK AMBER hairs usually mean they are degraded of the thc, you want orange to slight red hairs, but i have seen a select few buds with bright red, pink, and blood red colored hairs but 90% give or take of all strains hairs are the same color when harvested at the right time

  12. Ive seen a plant touching a 600w light with great results. I would say 16-18 inches would be just fine with correct ventilation..
  13. I recently harvested 3 Querkles and I too was pleased to receive good sized extremely dense buds. I however only flowered for the seed banks recommended time of 8 weeks (8 weeks and a day actually) with CFL's and still received by far some of the tastiest smoke I have ever had. Regarding what you said
    Mine (After a couple weeks of curing) Smelled and tasted absolutely incredible and when smoked definitely produced a full bodied hit.

    I had a friend that finished some as well around the same time... his too were more airy... not quite as dense as mine and lacked that "heavy hit". He was using HPS lighting versus my CFL's, and used ProMix soil versus my FFOF, His were also on a heavier nutrient regime while mine were on tiger bloom only during the flowering stages. so being that we both grew from the same set of seeds around the same time proves that any differences in the harvested product we be the result of one or a combination of those environmental differences.

    OH! And the hairs on mine were definitely like BRIGHT Halloween Orange... WILD!

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