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HARVESTED - Big Buddha Seeds - Blue Cheese - Bud Shots & Review - Eureka, CA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by The Legend, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. #1 The Legend, Feb 23, 2009
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    Strain: Blue Cheese

    From: Home Grown with Love!!!!

    Seed-bank: Big Buddha Seeds

    Grade: A+

    Type: Sativa / Indica Hybrid (25% Blueberry, 75% Cheese)

    Looks: Vibrant light green color, heavily crystalized.

    Smell: FUNKY FRESH!!! Blue Cheese produces a wonderfully unique and powerful aroma, I wouldn't exactly say it smells like cheese but rather a bitter sweet and pungent smell.

    Taste: Sweet and flavorful, this batch of blue cheese was grown organically in soil to unlock it's true potential!!! It burns smooth and tastes great...a fruity / dank taste.

    Buzz Type: Relaxing body high slowly melts into a heavy indica mind crusher, perfect for the evening smoker!!!

    Buzz Length: Long 3-4 hours.

    Overall I am extremely satisfied with the purchase of the seeds and the product that came from them. I plan to keep this strain in my garden for a few more rounds and would recommend both Big Buddha Seeds and their lovely Blue Cheese!!!

    PICTURE 1 - Freshly Manicured Blue Cheese Nug

    PICTURE 2 - Sorry for the poor quality photograph, more freshly manicured buds!

    PICTURE 3 - Blue Cheese Nug after 15 days of curing

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  2. Nice lookin buds, well grown. How many plants/yield? And how about a smoke report?
  3. lovely blue cheese, my friend will actually start growing some blue cheese seeds he got from Amsterdam, he payed 80 bucks for 5 seeds, but guaranteed to be all female. hopefully his will turn out as good as yours

  4. I'm on a cycle brotha, but my average yield is about 2-4 oz's per plant.
  5. its all about that humboldt tooo

  6. "humboldt, humboldt, that humboldt county high!!!"
  7. some pretty dank lookin buds. see a lot of those type in my area actualy.
  8. Cant wait to move to humboldt

    nice strain:smoking:
  9. Well done Legend!
    Nice to see your work.
  10. looks excellent, i wish i was able to grow, cant wait to have a legit place to do it. Congrats on the harvest.
  11. #11 The Legend, Feb 23, 2009
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    If you're not already from Humboldt I wouldn't recommend moving here...

    Everyone knows what we do here, including the federal government, which makes for unfriendly locals, and with our current economic situation things are looking grim in the golden state :(

    Thanks brotha, expect to see alot more with this shitty economy...I can't afford all that expensive medical pick ups anymore :(

    But thankfully it's only bud and you can grow your own!!!!!! :D:D:D

    Thanks brotha, growing ain't no thing you should give it a shot!! Check out the AWESOME grow section on this website and remember to keep it small and have fun!!!
  12. that stuff stuff is so green its gorgeous, i bet smokin ur own plant is probably a better high just like growing a veggie garden the tomatos and basil our so fresh and tastier
  13. looks dank haha

    go humboldt

  14. Please tell me more

  15. Same here, I was looking at going to HSU and you've peaked my interest
  16. is it as smelly as they claim it to be?

  17. You guys need to go back and read the next sentence...

    but I'll go ahead and save you the effort...

    The Legend's Top Five Reasons NOT to Move to Humboldt:

    1 - California's Economy SUCKS

    2 - There are absolutely NO JOBS AVAILABLE in the state of California, let alone all the way up here in the middle of no where

    3 - A movie star is our governor, which is DEFINITELY NOT a good thing

    4 - Locals HATE, repeat, HATE outsiders...which means ANYONE not born and raised here in Humboldt...if you don't have a friend, family member, or other contact here you're a nobody and it's going to be EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible to be introduced into a growing circle.

    5 - Everyone grows here, which attracts A LOT of negitive attention from the state and federal government. The presence of the DEA, FBI, & ATF can be felt by EVERYONE...get ready for "random" road blocks and other similar violations of your civil liberties.

    Don't get me wrong Northern California is an incredible place, it's just extremely hard to up and move here right now...especially as a young person. If you want to grow herb I suggest moving to a place where people will leave you alone and that isn't known as the marijuana mecca...check out Colorado and Ohio...both places are awesome, have great laws, top universities, and lots to do!!
  18. #19 birdcheep, Feb 23, 2009
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    that weed looks tasty!

    humboldt county is cool to visit and the woods there are cool plus the price of good dank is awesome. i picked up 40g of afghooey for 250 once super dank.
  19. Well I'll be attending HSU, as long as I get in, and if it does turn out to be a negative experience I can just move south after college

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