Harvested 3 times...

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  1. In the past few weeks.
    And one hermied.
    One was good and one started to get like light green leafs and the tips started to brown..

    So I pulled those 3.
    I have 5 clones from these plants.
    Im thinking about scraping them.
    they are bagseed plants.
    I wana put down my white widow.

    I have 2 150 hps, and 5 clfs for filler for my 6x4x7 box.
    I have a 2 fans one huge like room fan blowing on the top on the box like half of the roof is the fan.
    and i have an 4in inline duct fan pulling out air. It doesnt get that hot in there like 75 top.

    My thing pretty much is I got my plants very close to finish and something happend...
    I ran them in very small pots.
    on a 12/12..
    The last one went threw budding in a solo cup.
    My clones are 3 weeks into budding in solo cups.

    Should I put my moby dick seed in a big pot if im just going to run 12/12 on it?
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    That was the most scrambled post...you have a white widow, but you want to put down a moby dick? Why did you pull the two that werent a hermie? Did you mean you harvested them? Are the clones rooted? Do you only want one plant? Is your white widow or moby dick or whatever you have feminized? Since 50% are male. Very small? How small? And you are planning to run 12/12 straight from seed on a possible male plant. You get such an incredibly small amount from seeds with no veg period...if you veg until the plant is about a foot tall you will over double your yield...
  3. First off re-post your crap, it makes no sense and you haven't given us ANY info except lighting and strains. Oh, and the size/fans. Budding in solo cups????? Are you KIDDING ME? You just wasted w/e strain(s) in the cups. Tell us what you're growing in, more specifics.
  4. HAHAH I didnt even read the solo cup part man! Holy shit solo cups? Like a beer cup? 12 ounces of soil for an adult plant...Shoot those plants to put em out of their misery, this is unbomane (thats a play on the word humane and botanic...its a stretch but fuck you!) ha
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    I did like 13 seeds in solo cups came out with like 3 fems.
    From bag seed.
    I have 2 skunk #1 and 1 white widow and one moby dick. Fems.
    That I paid for...

    So I have 5 clones in solo cups. they are like 3 weeks into buding.
    I wana get them done and then do my white widow or my moby dick.
    But Im not sure about doing it on 12/12. but I dont have a very very high box so if I veg it im gona have to lst it i guess.

    I only wana have like 2 of my seeds i paid for going. Because I dont wana mess them up or anything.

    So i think I kinda got it out....

    But the last 3 plants 1 was done. 1 hermied. and the other one was almost done and turned light green and the tips of the leafs turned brown(this one in solo cup)...
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    Ive seen a shot glass grow haha.
    Solo cups worked kinda it works better for a clone on 12/12 I try and pull as fast as possable.
    and I dont have space to run a veg spot. So i just run 12/12.
    And I cant count on running bagseed on veg and them turning out male.

    Im useing fox farm of and all of their nutes.

    I just kinda need to help on what to do...
    I didnt really had a feeding scheudel.
    could someone help out with that?

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